United States Senate elections, 1960

United States Senate elections, 1960

Infobox Election
election_name = United States Senate elections, 1960
country = United States
type = legislative
ongoing = no
previous_election = United States Senate elections, 1958
previous_year = 1958
next_election = United States Senate elections, 1962
next_year = 1962
seats_for_election = 35 seats in the United States Senate
election_date = November 8, 1960

leader1 = Lyndon B. Johnson
party1 = Democratic Party (United States)
leaders_seat1 = Texas
last_election1 = 65 seats
seats1 = 64
seat_change1 = -1
popular_vote1 =
percentage1 =
swing1 =

leader2 = Everett Dirksen
party2 = Republican Party (United States)
leaders_seat2 = Illinois
last_election2 = 35 seats
seats2 = 36
seat_change2 = +1
popular_vote2 =
percentage2 =
swing2 =


map_size = 300px
map_caption = legend|#f99|Republican holds

title = Majority Leader
before_election = Lyndon Johnson
before_party = Democratic Party (United States)
after_election = Mike Mansfield
after_party = Democratic Party (United States)

The U.S. Senate elections of 1960coincided with the election of John F. Kennedy as president. Kennedy's victory was extremely narrow to the point it causes some controversy still today, and the opposition Republicans gained one seat at the expense of the Democrats. The Democrats nonetheless retained a commanding lead in the Senate with 64 seats to 36.

The Republicans gained one open seat in Wyoming and the seat of incumbent J. Allen Frear (D-DE), while the Democrats gained an open seat in North Dakota.

The Democrats gained one more seat when Wyoming Senator-elect Keith Thomson died before taking his seat, being replaced by Democrat John J. Hickey. The Republicans gained a compensating seat in 1961 when John Tower (R-TX) was elected to fill the vacant seat of newly elected Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson (D-TX).

enate contests in 1960

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