Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Many Jewish people were active in Socialist and Communist organisations in the period between the two World Wars [Karin Hofmeester and Lee Mitzman, "Jewish Workers and the Labour Movement", 2004] . They were highly represented in the International Brigades and numbered "about fifty per cent among the Americans of the International Brigades [Cecil Eby, "Comrades and Commissars", p 179] . Other estimates put the figure at "ten per cent" ["Thomas" (2001), p. 577n3] .

The leadership of the International Brigades considered forming an entirely Jewish brigade [Zaagsma, p 17] but the high casualties made this impossible. However, a Jewish company, the Naftali Botwin Company was formed within the Palafox Battalion.

Origin of Jewish volunteers in the International Brigades



*George Nathan - Chief of Staff XV International Brigade
*Milton Wolff - commander Lincoln Battalion
*Fernando Gerassi
*Albert "Yank" Levy
*Henryk Torunczyk - commander Naftali Botwin Company
*Manfred Stern alias General Emilio Kléber.
*Saul Wellman - political commissar Lincoln Battalion and Washington Battalion [ [ Obituary Metro Times, Detroit] ]
*Carlo Rosselli - headed the Matteotti Battalion
*Jack Shulman - American activist
*Valter Roman - Romanian politician
*Abe Osheroff - American activist
*Alfred Kantorowicz - Banned German writer (also known as "Helmuth Campe")
*Kurt Julius Goldstein - International Brigader, Holocaust survivor, author.
*Lou Kenton British potter
*Alfred Sherman - British journalist and adviser to Margaret Thatcher
*Gershon Dua-Bogen

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