Comics anthology

Comics anthology

Comics anthologies collect works in the medium of comics that are too short for standalone publication.



Title Publisher First Year Last Year Genre Notes
Detective Comics DC Comics 1937 ongoing detective anthology aspect dropped in the 1940s
Feature Funnies Everett M. "Busy" Arnold 1937 1939 humor with issue #21, became Feature Comics
Adventure Comics DC Comics 1938 1983 various, mostly superhero
Action Comics DC Comics 1938 ongoing adventure, superhero anthology aspect dropped in 1959
Fantastic Comics Fox Feature Syndicate 1939 1941 superhero
Feature Comics Quality Comics 1939 1950 superhero, humor evolved from Feature Funnies
Four Color Dell Comics 1939 1962 various successive one-shot comics
Whiz Comics Fawcett Comics 1940 1953 superhero
Young Love Crestwood Publications
DC Comics
romance acquired by DC Comics in 1963
Young Romance Crestwood Publications
DC Comics
1947 1977 romance acquired by DC Comics in 1963
Sweethearts Fawcett Comics
Charlton Comics
1948 1973 romance acquired by Charlton Comics in 1954
Western Comics DC Comics 1948 1961 Western
Wild Western Marvel Comics 1948 1957 Western
Prize Comics Western Prize Comics 1948 1956 Western
Girls' Love Stories DC Comics 1949 1973 romance
Romantic Story Fawcett Comics
Charlton Comics
1949 1973 romance acquired by Charlton Comics in 1954
Heart Throbs Quality Comics 1949 1972 romance acquired by DC Comics in 1957
First Love Illustrated Harvey Comics 1949 1963 romance
Strange Adventures DC Comics 1950 1973 science fiction
Girls' Romances DC Comics 1950 1971 romance
Six-Gun Heroes Fawcett Comics
Charlton Comics
1950 1965 Western acquired by Charlton Comics in 1954
Tales From the Crypt EC Comics 1950 1955 horror
The Vault of Horror EC Comics 1950 1955 horror
The Haunt of Fear EC Comics 1950 1954 horror
Weird Fantasy EC Comics 1950 1953 science fiction
Weird Science EC Comics 1950 1953 science fiction
House of Mystery DC Comics 1951 1983 horror/suspense
All-Star Western DC Comics 1951 1961 Western
Frontline Combat EC Comics 1951 1954 war
G.I. Combat Quality Comics
DC Comics
1952 1987 war acquired by DC Comics in 1957
Space Adventures Charlton Comics 1952 1979 science fiction
Our Army at War DC Comics 1952 1977 war Becomes Sgt. Rock
Star Spangled War Stories DC Comics 1952 1977 war Becomes The Unknown Soldier
Our Fighting Forces DC Comics 1954 1978 war
Fightin' Marines Charlton Comics 1955 1984 war
I Love You Charlton Comics 1955 1980 romance
Fightin' Army Charlton Comics 1956 1984 war
House of Secrets DC Comics 1956 1978 horror/suspense
Showcase DC Comics 1956 1970 superhero
Tales of the Unexpected DC Comics 1956 1968 science fiction relaunched as the horror anthology The Unexpected
Brides in Love Charlton Comics 1956 1965 romance
Outlaws of the West Charlton Comics 1957 1980 Western
Teen-Age Love' Charlton Comics 1958 1973 romance
Just Married Charlton Comics 1958 1976 romance
Love Diary Charlton Comics 1958 1976 romance
Creepy Warren Publishing 1964 1983 horror
witzend Wally Wood
Wonderful Publishing Company
1966 1985 various acquired by Bill Pearson (Wonderful Publishing Company) in 1968
Ghostly Tales Charlton Comics 1966 1984 horror
Eerie Warren Publishing 1966 1983 horror
Weird Eerie Publications 1966 1981 horror
The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves Charlton Comics 1967 1986 horror
Zap Comix Apex Novelties 1968 2005 underground
The Unexpected DC Comics 1968 1982 horror changes format from science fiction to horror from Tales of the Unexpected, continues same numbering
The Witching Hour DC Comics 1969 1978 horror
Terror Tales Eerie Publications 1969 1979 horror
San Francisco Comic Book Print Mint
Last Gasp
1970 1983 underground
Wimmen's Comix Last Gasp 1972 1992 underground
Weird War Tales DC Comics 1971 1983 war
Ghostly Haunts Charlton Comics 1971 1978 horror/suspense
Snarf Kitchen Sink Press 1972 1990 underground
Weird Western Tales DC Comics 1972 1980 Weird Western
Tits & Clits Comix Nanny Goat Productions
Last Gasp
1972 1987 underground
Superman Family DC Comics 1974 1982 superhero
Comix Book Marvel Comics
Kitchen Sink Press
1974 1976 underground acquired by Kitchen Sink in 1976
Star Reach Star*Reach 1974 1979 various, mostly action
Secrets of Haunted House DC Comics 1975 1982 horror/suspense
Batman Family DC Comics 1975 1978 superhero
Arcade Print Mint 1975 1976 underground
Heavy Metal HM Communications
Metal Mammoth
1977 ongoing adult fantasy
Epic Illustrated Epic Comics 1980 1986 heroic fiction
Gay Comix 1980 1998 underground
World War 3 Illustrated 1980 ongoing alternative/political
RAW 1980 1991 alternative
Weirdo Last Gasp 1981 1993 underground
Marvel Fanfare Marvel Comics 1982 1997 superhero
Dark Horse Presents Dark Horse Comics 1986 2000 independent
Marvel Comics Presents Marvel Comics 1988 1995 superhero
BLAB! Kitchen Sink Press
1989 2007 alternative acquired by Fantagraphics in 1997
Drawn & Quarterly Drawn and Quarterly 1990 ongoing alternative
Negative Burn Caliber Comics 1993 1997 independent
Zero Zero Fantagraphics 1995 2000 underground/alternative
Little Lit 2000 ongoing alternative/children's
Kramers Ergot 2000 ongoing alternative
Flight Image Comics
Ballantine Books
2004 2011 independent acquired by Ballantine in 2006
MOME Fantagraphics 2005 ongoing alternative
Popgun Image Comics 2008 ongoing diverse
Wednesday Comics DC Comics 2009 2009 weekly showcase


British comics have a long tradition publishing comics anthologies, often weekly (hence The Dandy going past 3,000 published issues). These include:

Belgium and France

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