Gongsun Du

Gongsun Du

p=Gōngsūn Dù

Gongsun Du (?-204) was a general of the Late Eastern Han Dynasty. He did not get the opportunity to really get into battle until Dong Zhuo seized power from Emperor Shao (the former Prince of Hongnong). Dong Zhuo, hoping to expand the empire, gave Gongsun Du the command to attack Korea from across the sea. Du was successful in his attack and set up the Daifang commandery and Lelang commandery among others.

Under another order of Dong Zhuo, Gongsun Du took over the Liaoning prefecture. This would be the beginning of the Gongsun power in the Northeast. Gongsun Du would go on to send Gongsun Muo and Zhang Pi to South Korea in an attempt to gain more land. In the ninth year of Jian An (204 AD) Gongsun Du died and his son Gongsun Kang took his position and controlled the far northeast.

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