National Democrats (UK)

National Democrats (UK)

The National Democrats is a right wing nationalist party in the United Kingdom that has campaigned vigorously against immigration and asylum. According to the 2007 accounts filed with the Electoral Commission it had two members, which must be presumed to be its leader Ian Anderson and its treasurer Stephen Ebbs. []


The party was formed in 1995 when members of the National Front decided to change the name to the National Democrats. 72% of the membership voted for the change in a postal ballot [Larry O'Hara and David Pegg, "This cursed plot : How the secret state and ts disrupt the anti-EU movement", in Notes from the Borderland issue 4, Winter 2001/02] . Some members opposed the change and carried on political activity as the National Front.

The party noticeably moderated the policies of the NF in an attempt to win more popular appeal and avoid allegations of "extremism".

1997 elections

In the 1997 general election, the party won 10,829 votes, compared to 35,832 for their rivals in the British National Party (BNP), and 2,719 votes for the NF. The party did not nominate candidates in the 2001 or 2005 general elections, and have thus far failed to establish themselves as a mainstream political party unlike the BNP who have eclipsed them on the far right of the British political spectrum. The NDs were severely damaged immediately before the 1997 election when it was revealed by "The Sunday Times" that leading members Andy and Paula Carmichael were working for MI5.Fact|date=July 2007 This also damaged the Referendum Party, where Andy Carmichael was regional organiser. Where the West Midlands had been a stronghold, it now began to fall apart, and in 1998, the local branch, which included current leading activist Simon Darby, decided to switch over to the BNP, leaving only a small number of party loyalists behind.

Change in focus

Under the leadership of Ian Anderson, the National Democrats have largely abandoned their attempts to gain electoral success and now operate as a pressure group under the name Campaign for National Democracy. They still publish "The Flag" magazine from time to time.

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The party is not connected to the National Democratic Party, a short-lived far right group that operated briefly in the early 1970s.

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