European Union energy label

European Union energy label

According to several different EU Directives (92/75/CEE, 94/2/CE, 95/12/CE, 96/89/CE, 2003/66/CE, et alia) most white goods, light bulb packaging and cars must have an EU Energy Label clearly displayed when offered for sale or rent. The energy efficiency of the appliance is rated in terms of a set of energy efficiency classes from A to G on the label, A being the most energy efficient, G the least efficient. The labels also give other useful information to the customer as they choose between various models. The information should also be given in catalogues and included by internet retailers on their websites.

In an attempt to keep up with advances in energy efficiency, A+ and A++ grades were later introduced for refrigerated appliances.

Major appliances


The energy labels are separated into at least four categories:
* The appliance's details: according to each appliance, specific details, of the model and its materials
* Energy class: a colour code associated to a letter (from A to G) that gives an idea of the appliance's electrical consumption
* Consumption, efficiency, capacity, etc.: this section gives information according to appliance type
* Noise: the noise emitted by the appliance is described in decibels

Refrigerators, freezers and combined appliances

Here is the table that indicates the energy efficiency, the index is calculated for each appliance according to its consumption and its compartments' volume taking into account the appliance type. The index is thus not calculated in kW·h.

Vented dryers

The label also contains:
* the energy consumption in kW·h /cycle
* the efficiency of the washing cycle with a class from A to G
* the efficiency of the drying cycle with a class from A to G
* the capacity as a number of place settings
* the water consumption in litres per cycle
* noise in dB(A)


The label also contains:
* the efficiency with a class from A to G
* the energy consumption in kW·h
* the volume in litres
* the type (small/medium/large)

Water heaters and hot water storage appliances

Air conditioners

The directive applies only to units under 12 kW. On every label, you will find:
* the model,
* the energy efficiency category from A to G,
* the annual energy consumption (full load at 500 hr per year)
* the cooling output at full load in kW
* the energy efficiency ratio in cooling mode at full load
* the appliance type (cooling only, cooling/heating)
* the cooling mode (air or water cooled)
* the noise rating in dB (where applicable)For air conditioners with heating capability, you will also find:
* the heat output at full load in kW
* the heating mode energy efficiency category

Light bulbs

On every label, you will find:
* the energy efficiency category from A to G
* the luminous flux of the bulb in lumens
* the electricity consumption of the lamp in watts
* the average life length in hours


For motor-vehicle it isn't electrical efficiency that is indicated but carbon dioxide emissions in grammes per kilometre travelled.

Other information that is indexed for the energy label is:
* its brand
* its model
* its version
* its fuel
* its transmission type
* its weight
* the different consumptions offuel
** mixed consumption
** urban consumption
** extra-urbain consumption
* the CO2 emissions in grammes per kilometre

See also

*Home energy performance certificate
*Energy policy of the European Union
* Fuel mix disclosure on labelling the origins and environmental effects of electricity


List of energy labels in Europe:

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