British Mixed-Race

British Mixed-Race

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group = British Mixed-Race

poptime = 677,117 []
poptime = 791,400 (2005 estimate for England)
poptime = "'~863,000 (2005 estimate for UK)

Around 1.4% of population
popplace = London, West Midlands, Nottingham, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, West Yorkshire, Middlesbrough, Bristol, Leicester, Luton, Slough, Reading, Berkshire, Cardiff, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Derby
langs = English
rels = Christianity, Islam, others

Mixed Race was included as an ethnic classification on the UK Census from 2001. The census used 8 different sub-categories covering different combinations of Asian, Black, and White ethnic origins. Colloquially it refers to British citizens whose parents are of different races or ethnic backgrounds, and to the offspring of such people.


In the 2001 census, people of mixed race made up 1.2% of the UK population with 677,117 people. The UK national statistics now estimate that as of 2006, almost 830,000 mixed race people reside in England alone, of which those of "white" and "Black Caribbean" origin make up the largest share. []

Mixed Race Population by Category

*White and Black Caribbean: 274,500 or 0.5 percent.
*White and South Asian: 246,400 or 0.5 percent.
*White and Black African: 107,700 or 0.2 percent.
*Other mixed race (example: Black and Asian): 200,900 or 0.4 percent.

Mixed Race breakdown in the United Kingdom

*England: 829,400 or 1.6 percent
*Scotland: 18,000 or 0.36 percent
*Wales: 12,800 or 0.25 percent
*Northern Ireland: 3,320 or 0.2 percentTotal in United Kingdom: 863,520 or 1.4 percent

The mixed race population is the fastest growing group, climbing by more than 21 percent in 5 years since the 2001 census. Of the mixed race population, the "white" and "Black African" category has grown the fastest.

The mixed race population has a younger age profile than any other minority ethnic group in Britain, where 50% is under 16 years of age. By the year 2020, mixed race Britons are expected to have outnumbered British Indians (currently more than 1 million members), to become the largest ethnic minority in Britain with 1.24 million members, showing a 50% increase in the mixed race population in a decade to come [cite web|url=|title=Mixed messages|last=Smith|first=Laura|date=2007-01-23|work=Comment is Free|publisher=The Guardian|accessdate=2008-07-13] [ Dead link|date=July 2008] . According to National statistics, in 2005, 3.5 percent of all births in Britain were mixed race or 22,730 babies though this number could be higher in the 2008 year. []

Notable mixed-race/ethnic Britons

Mixed Black Caribbean and White

*Corinne Bailey Rae, (Kittitian father/English mother), singer
* Melanie B (Nevisian father/English mother), singer and actress. Member of the Spice Girls
*George Bridgetower (Afro-Caribbean father/European mother) 19th century violinist
*Craig Charles (Afro-Caribbean father/Irish mother), actor
*Richard Colvin Reid, (Jamaican father/English mother), Islamist terrorist
*Craig David, (Grenadian father/Jewish Mother), singer
*James DeGale, (Grenadian father/English Mother), Olympic gold medalist boxer
*Alesha Dixon (Jamaican father/English mother), singer
*Roland Gift, (Afro Caribbean and English), singer and actor
*Goldie, (Jamaican and Scottish) DJ and actor
*Colin Jackson, (Jamaican Maroon and Scottish) Welsh former sprint and hurdling athlete
*Dominique Jackson, actress
*David James, (English/Jamaican) footballer
*Lee Jasper (Jamaican father/British mother), former race advisor
*Cleo Laine (Jamaican father/English mother), singer
*Ms. Dynamite, (Scottish mother/Jamaican father), singer
*Leona Lewis (Guyanese father/Anglo-Welsh mother), singer and winner of the 2006 X-Factor
*Bruce Oldfield, (Afro-Caribbean father/Irish mother), fashion designer
*Mary Seacole, (Scottish father/Jamaican mother), 19th century nursing pioneer
*Zadie Smith (English father/Jamaican mother), novelist
*Mel & Kim, (Jamaican father/British mother), singers
*Rio Ferdinand and Anton Ferdinand (St. Lucian father/Anglo-Irish mother), footballers
*Jeremy Guscott, (Afro Caribbean father/English mother), rugby player
*Lewis Hamilton (Grenadian father/English mother), Formula 1 driver
*Dame Kelly Holmes, (Jamaican father/English mother), athlete
*Ashley Cole (Barbadian father/English mother), footballer
*Shanaze Reade, (Jamaican father/Irish mother), Olympic BMX biker
*Louis Smith, (Jamaican father/English mother), Olympic Gymnast
*Theo Walcott, (Jamaican father/English mother), footballer

Mixed Black African and White

*Sade Adu, (Nigerian father/English mother), singer
*Dame Shirley Bassey (Nigerian father/English mother), singer
*Paul Barber (Sierra Leonean father/English mother), actor
*Paul Boateng (Ghanaian father/Scottish mother), cabinet minister and ambassador
*Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (Sierra Leonean father/English mother) 19th century composer
*Jaye Davidson, (Ghanaian father/English mother), actor
*Jackie Kay (Nigerian father/Scottish mother), poet
*Thandie Newton, (English father/Zimbabwean mother), actress
*Sophie Okonedo, (Nigerian father/Jewish mother), actress
*Slash (musician), (Nigerian mother/English father), musician
*John Amaechi (Nigerian father/English mother), basketball player
*Curtis Davies ,(Sierra Leonean father/English mother),footballer
*Robert Earnshaw, (Welsh father/Zambian mother), footballer
*Daley Thompson, (Nigerian and Scottish), decathlete
*Robert Wedderburn (Scottish father/African mother), revolutionary Spencean

Mixed Other Black and White

*Damon Buffini, (Afro-American father, English mother), Businessman
*Dina Carroll (African American and English), singer
*Oona King (African-American father/Jewish mother), former Labour MP
*Wentworth Miller (African-American,Jamaican,German,English,Jewish fater/ Russian,French,Dutch,Syrian,Lebanese, mother) British born American Actor

Mixed Asian and White

(the British census definition of 'Asian' includes people of South Asian descent)
*Nigel Barker (English father/Sri Lankan mother), model and photographer.
*Mutya Buena (Filipino father/Irish, Chinese and Spanish Mother), singer
*Michael Chopra ,(Indian father/English mother),footballer
*Nasser Hussain (Indian father/ English mother) Cricketer
* Sir Ben Kingsley (Kenyan-Indian father/ English mother) Actor
*Myleene Klass (Austrian father/Filipino mother), classical musician, model, and TV presenter
*KT Tunstall (Half-Chinese birth mother/Irish birth father), singer
* Rory and Tony Underwood (English father/Chinese mother), rugby players

Other Mixed

*Billy Boston, Mixed race Welsh rugby player
* David Jordan, (Montserratian mother/Indian father) Singer/Songwriter
*Sufiah Yusof, (Pakistani father/Malay mother), Former math prodigy


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