Albanian Republic

Albanian Republic

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "Republika Shqiptare"
conventional_long_name = Albanian Republic
common_name = Albania
continent = Europe
region = Balkans
country = Albania
era = Interwar period
event_start =
year_start = 1925
date_start =
event_end = Monarchy proclaimed
year_end = 1928
date_end = August 31
p1 = Principality of Albania
flag_p1 = Flag_of_Albania_1920.svg
s1 = Albanian Kingdom
flag_s1 = Flag of Albania 1928.svg

image_map_caption =
capital = Tirana
national_anthem =
common_languages = Albanian
currency = Silver franc
Albanian lek
government_type = Republic
title_leader = President
leader1 = Ahmet Zogu
legislature = National Assembly (bicameral)

The Albanian Republic was the official name of Albania as enshrined in the Constitution of 1925. Albania was later declared a constitutional monarchy in 1928. Upon its inception, the republic was under heavy influence of the Kingdom of Italy which demanded in 1925 that the two states be allied. This was done largely to increase Italy's influence in the Balkans but also aided both Italian and Albanian security of their interests against Greece, to which both countries had territorial feuds with.

The Constitution provided for a parliamentary republic with a powerful president serving as head of state and government. Ahmet Zogu was elected president for a term of seven years by the National Assembly, prior to his proclamation King of Albanians. Zogu maintained good relations with Benito Mussolini's fascist regime in Italy and supported Italy's foreign policy. He would be the first and only Albanian to hold the title president until 1991.

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*Albanian Kingdom
*Zog of Albania

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