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Of Teutonic origin, "Aubrey" means "Fair Ruler of the Little People", or "King of the Elves" Fact|date=March 2008. The name Alberich is a more common Germanic variant, with the syllable 'Alb' translating as "Elf" and 'Ric' representing "power". In the twelfth century, a Christian saint and abbot named St. Aubrey founded the Cistercian Order, seeking to operate under the Rule of St. Benedict, continuing Benedictine of Nursia's tradition of solitary scholarship in a community of monasticism.

The name is traditionally male, but is also used as a feminine name in the United States. It was the 69th most popular name given to girls born in the United States in 2007. It was last ranked among the top 1,000 most common names for boys in the United States in 2002. It was the 479th most common name for all males in the United States in the 1990 census. [ [ Behind the Name] ]

Aubrey may refer to:


*Aubrey, Texas
*Aubrey, Arkansas
*Aubrey, Wisconsin



*John Aubrey, author and member of a notable English family
*Sam Aubrey, former basketball player and coach of Oklahoma State University

First name

*Aubrey of Buonalbergo, first wife of Robert Guiscard
*Aubrey de Coucy, Earl of Northumbria
*Aubrey de Vere I, 11th-century Anglo-Norman knight
*Aubrey de Vere II, 12th-century Lord Great Chamberlain of England
*Aubrey de Vere III, first Earl of Oxford
*Aubrey de Vere IV, second Earl of Oxford
*Aubrey de Troisfontaines, a French chronicler of the 13th century
*Aubrey Thomas de Vere, an English poet
*Aubrey Beardsley, an English artist, illustrator, and author
*Aubrey Morris, an English actor
*Aubrey Graham, a Canadian actor
*Aubrey Lyles (1884-1932), African American performer and lyricist with F. E. Miller as "Miller and Lyles"
*Aubrey O'Day, an American singer
*Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist
*Aubrey Huff, an American baseball playerolar
*Aubrey Dollar, American actress
*Abba Eban, Israeli diplomat, born Aubrey Meir Solomon

Popular culture

*Jack Aubrey, one of the protagonists from Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey–Maturin series
*Aubrey Valentine, a fictional character in the popular BBC soap opera "EastEnders"
*"Aubrey", a episode of "The X-Files"
*"Aubrey", a song by Bread from the album "Guitar Man"
*Aubrey, well-known Chicago area dominatrix
* Aubrey Chorde, one of the main characters of webcomic Something Positive


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