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publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="New X-Men" vol. 2 #128 (August 2002)
type=Support agency
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owners=Professor X (founder)
employees=Domino (Hong Kong)
Sunspot (Los Angeles)
Warpath (Mumbai)
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The X-Corporation (X-Corp) is a fictional institution from the X-Men comic book series by Marvel Comics. This organization was created to ensure the protection of mutant rights throughout the world due to the increasing number of mutants.

Fictional biography

X-Corp was founded by Prof. Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men ["New X-Men" #128 (August 2002)] . Its purpose is to provide support for "civilian" mutant populations on a global scale in a world where the mutant population was outgrowing the reach of the X-Men. X-Corp offices are located in many major cities in every continent, and each office is managed by a former member of the X-Men or one of their satellite teams, such as Sunspot or Domino. The worldwide headquarters of the X-Corporation is the X-Mansion. X-Corp works with local governments, such as when they took in the superstrong twelve-year old orphan Molly Hayes on behalf of the Social Services of Los Angeles.

It should not be confused with the X-Corps, a short-lived paramilitary team led by Banshee, which merged with the X-Corporation after its dissolution, most of its members transferring to the Paris branch.

In the wake of the Decimation of mutantkind, wherein 90-95% of the mutant population was rendered genetically and physically human and thus powerless, several bombings occurred at X-Corporation locales. For the safety of those operating the facilities, and to regroup all empowered members, Cyclops ordered the evacuation of all X-Corp offices and the organization appears to be dead. With the minimal mutant population and the strict government rules imposed on mutants, the organization would serve no purpose.

Known Locations

{| class="wikitable" width=100%!| Branch!| First Appearance!| Members
|"New X-Men" Annual 2001 (mentioned)

|Hong Kong
|"New X-Men" Annual 2001
|Domino, Risque


|Los Angeles
|"X-Treme X-Men" #31
|Empath, Magma, Skids, Skitz, Stringfellow, Sunspot

|"New X-Men" Annual 2001 (mentioned)

|"New X-Men" #133 (destroyed in "Excalibur" v2 #5)
|Feral, Thornn, Warpath, Sunfire; 2ND ROSTER: Thunderbird, Lifeguard


|New York
|"New Mutants" vol. 2 #13

|"New X-Men" #128 (Car-bombed and destroyed on M-Day)
|Cannonball, Darkstar, Holly, M, Multiple Man, Rictor, Sabra, Siryn



Known Members


*Charles Xavier

Hong Kong Branch

*Domino (currently a mercenary for hire)
*Risque (killed in action off-panel in "New X-Men Annual 2001")

Los Angeles Branch

*Empath (member of 198 staying on the Institute grounds)
*Magma (member of 198 staying on the Institute grounds)
*Skids (undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)
*Skitz (possibly depowered)
*Stringfellow (possibly depowered)
*Sunspot (former COO of Los Angeles Branch; current Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club)

Mumbai Branch

*Feral (killed in action by Sabretooth)
*Sunfire (currently working for Mister Sinister)
*Thornn (currently depowered)
*Warpath (currently member of X-Men)

Second Roster:
*Thunderbird (Neal Shaara)

Paris Branch

*Cannonball (currently a member of X-Men)
*Darkstar (killed in action)
*Holly (secretary, possibly depowered)
*M (currently a member of X-Factor)
*Multiple Man (currently a member of X-Factor)
*Rictor (currently depowered and a member of X-Factor)
*Sabra (currently a freelance operative working for the U.S. government)
*Siryn (currently a member of X-Factor)

Alternate uses

In the Marvel Trading Card Game, X-Corp is the evil scientific corporation that is controlled by the Hobgoblin, from the Spider-Man series.


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