Edenwood Middle School

Edenwood Middle School

name= Edenwood Middle School

streetaddress= 6770 Edenwood Drive
city= Mississauga
province= Ontario
postalcode= L5N3B2
areacode= 905
phone= 824-1020
fax= 824-9987
url= http://edenwood.peelschools.org/
schoolboard= Peel District School Board
superintendent=Dianne Miles
trustee= Allison Van Wagner
principal= Robert Clark
viceprincipal= Catherine Lord
schooltype= Middle school
grades= 7-8
language= English
mascot= Eagle
school number= 167070
founded= 1982
enrollment= 535 (June 2006)
lastupdate= October 2007

Edenwood Middle School is a part of the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Edenwood Middle School was built in 1982 on old farmlands bought by the Peel District School Board. Edenwood is two floor's high, and recently a new wing was added to the school. As of October 2007, there are 24 classes (13 Grade Seven Classes, and 11 Grade Eight Classes), each one with their own T.A.P. teacher.

Learning Skills are a very big aspect of Edenwood and each month is devoted to a learning skills. Many of the staff believe that in order to succeed in life, you must be good at all of the learning skills. Learning Skills are nine different skills which impact the way a student does and learn in school.


Classes (as of September 2007) are 57 minutes long, with 4 academic periods and 1 Teacher Advisory Program period. There as well are 6 days in a regular school cycle, with students requiring to take the follow classes: LA/HIG (A mix of English, Geography and History) , MST (Math, Science, and Technology) , French , Drama , Art , I.T. (for grade eights) , P.E. and Music.

chool trips and activities

As with any school, Edenwood Middle School provides a variety of school trips. Most trips visit near by places such as Wonderland and the Science Centre.

Grade Seven

*Quebec City Trip - The Quebec City trip allows students to visit the capital of Quebec. This great experience lets students to see many of the things taught during the grade seven year and to explore heritage sites. The trip runs in early June, and lasts five days.
*Science Centre - The trip usually runs near the end of October and students are taken to the Science Centre to see many of the thing's taught in Science so far.

Grade Eight

*Ottawa Trip - Students in grade eight have a good opportunity to visit Ottawa. This ties in with many of the things learnt in Grade Eight history. It is a 3 day, 2 night trip, with many visits including parliament, the war museum, and a lot more.

*Camp Tawingo (Winter Camp) - Camp Tawingo is a winter camp, providing students with different types of outdoor winter sports. Camp Tawing usually runs during the middle of January. The trip is 4 days long, located near Huntsville, Ontario.

Grade Seven/Eight

School wide trips and activities are fun and cheap for students. These trips include visiting places such as local museums, sports events, and Canada's Wonderland.

Extra curricular activities


*Flag Football
*Cross Country Running
*Field Hockey


*Bucket Drumming
*Junior Jazz Band
*Junior Band
*Concert Choir
*Senior Jazz Band
*Senior Band



Other Activities

*Student Announcer
*Student Echo
*Lunch Bin Monitor
*Chair Crew
*Homework Club
*Yearly Chocolate Fundraising Event
*Store Worker
*Yearly Red Maple Reading Club
*Library Assistants
*Breakfast Club

Feeder / High Schools

Students at Millers Grove Public School , Settlers Green Public School , Plum Tree Elementary School , Maplewood Public School , Shelter Bay , and Plowmans Park Public School, all go to Edenwood Middle School when they pass Grade Six. Edenwood approximately gets 250 students from these 5 schools each year.

After Grade Eight, students are placed at Meadowvale Secondary School, a high school located right next to Edenwood Middle School. Student's are required to go to Meadowvale Secondary School unless they get accepted in a regional program school.

chools History

Edenwood Middle School was first opened in 1982 with a total construction cost of $4,261,000; so far, Edenwood has had 6 principles, a vivid past, and a great future. Edenwood has always had the finest education and wonderful students. Through the years Edenwood has gone through some construction such as the new wing in the building and an improved computer system.

Edenwood Middle Schools history is rich in culture, People new and old have brought much into this school and their work is still kept. Edenwood Middle School is lined up with trophies, art, and awards from all these years, and their work is still kept today, to inspire future generations.

External links

* [http://edenwood.peelschools.org/ Official Edenwood Middle School Web Site]
* [http://www.peelschools.org Peel School District Web Site]

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