Topic outline of engineering

Topic outline of engineering

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of engineering topics."

Engineering is the practice and method of applying scientific and empirical knowledge to the service of humanity, and is distinct from the physical sciences, which are studies of the natural universe.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to engineering:

Essence of engineering

: "Main article: Engineering"

Branches of engineering

* Architectural engineering
* Biological engineering
* Building engineering
* Chemical engineering
* Civil engineering
* Electrical engineering
* Engineering Science
* Financial engineering
* Fire protection engineering
* Industrial engineering (includes manufacturing and production engineering)
* Mechanical engineering
* Military engineer
* Nuclear engineering
* Ocean engineering
* Optical engineering
* Petroleum engineering
* Planetary engineering
* Reverse engineering
* Software engineering
* Social engineering
* Stellar engineering
* Textile engineering

Fields of engineering

Biological engineering

* Agricultural engineering
* Biochemical engineering
* Biomedical engineering
* Biomechanical engineering
* Computer engineering
* Clinical engineering
* Ergonomics
* Food engineering
* Bioprocess engineering
* Bioenergy
* Genetic engineering
* Human genetic engineering
* Information Technology
* Metabolic engineering
* Molecular engineering
* Neural engineering
* Protein engineering
* Rehabilitation engineering
* Tissue engineering

Chemical engineering

* Micro process engineering
* Paper engineering
* Plastics engineering
* Process engineering

Civil engineering

* Aquatic and environmental engineering
* Architectural engineering
* Climate engineering
* Civionic engineering (civionics)
* Construction engineering
* Earth systems engineering and management
* Ecological engineering
* Environmental engineering
* Facilities engineering
* Geomatics engineering
* Geotechnical engineering
* Highway engineering
* Hydraulic engineering
* Landscape engineering (landscape architecture)
* Land development engineering
* Pavement engineering
* Railway systems engineering
* River engineering
* Sanitary engineering
* Sewage engineering
* Structural engineering
* Surveying
* Traffic engineering
* Transportation engineering (transport engineering)
* Urban engineering

Electrical engineering

* Broadcast engineering
* Building engineering
* Communications system engineering
* Computer engineering
* Control engineering (control systems engineering)
* Electronics and Communication Engineering
* Electronics engineering (includes microelectronics engineering, microelectronics and semiconductor engineering)
* Instrumentation engineering
* Network engineering

Engineering Science

* Engineering physics (engineering science)
* Engineering Technology
* Integrated engineering
*Mechanical Engineering

Financial engineering

* Computational finance (financial engineering)
* Value engineering
* Cost engineering

Fire protection engineering

Industrial engineering

: "(includes manufacturing and production engineering)"
* Behavioral engineering
* Domain engineering
* Engineering economics
* Engineering management
* Engineering psychology
* Logistic engineering
* Model-driven engineering
* Performance engineering
* Product Family Engineering
* Quality engineering (quality assurance engineering)
* Reliability engineering
* Safety engineering
* Security engineering
* Support engineering
* Systems engineering (systems design engineering)

Mechanical engineering

* Acoustical engineering
* Aerospace engineering
* Audio engineering
* Automotive engineering (automotive systems engineering)
* Ceramic engineering
* Crystal engineering
* Earthquake engineering
* Forensic engineering
* Materials engineering (includes metallurgical engineering)
* Mechatronics
* Nanoengineering
* Sports engineering
* Structural engineering
* Surface engineering
* Vacuum engineering

Military engineer

* Combat engineering

Nuclear engineering

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Ocean engineering

* Naval architecture
* Marine engineering

Aerospace engineering

Petroleum engineering

* Geophysical engineering
* Mineral engineering
* Mining engineering
* Reservoir engineering

Planetary engineering

Reverse engineering

Software engineering

* Computer-aided engineering
* Cryptographic engineering
* Information engineering
* Knowledge engineering
* Language engineering
* Release engineering
* Teletraffic engineering
* Usability engineering
* Web engineering

Social engineering

* Political engineering

Stellar engineering

Textile engineering

History of engineering

: "Main article: History of engineering"

* Greatest Engineering Achievements
* History of chemical engineering
* History of electrical engineering
* History of software engineering
* Roman engineering
** Roman military engineering

Basic engineering concepts

* Compensation
* Crystallization
* Earthworks
* Exploratory engineering
* Fasteners
* Flexibility
* Freeze
* Gate
* Good Engineering Practice
* Hand tools
* Machine tools - Punch
* Measuring -- measurement
* Materials -- material science -- Tie
** Corrosion
* Design
** Drawings -- drawing -- CAD -- drafting
** Cost
* Ecological engineering methods
* Engineering, procurement and construction
* Engineering economics
* Engineering overhead
* Engineering society
* Engineering system
* Management -- planning -- teamwork -- peopleware
* Model engineering
* Non-recurring engineering
* Process
* Quality -- validation -- quality control
* Retro-engineering
* Risk analysis
* Systems engineering process
* Tolerance
* Traction
* Yield

Education and certification

* Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
* Certified Engineering Technologist
* Engineer's degree
* Engineering doctorate
* Engineering education
* Engineering Management Certification International
* Engineering science and mechanics
* Fundamentals of Engineering exam
* Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

Engineering scholars

Leaders in engineering

Engineering lists

: "Main article: List of engineering topics"

* Greatest Engineering Achievements
* List of engineers
* List of aerospace engineering topics
* List of electrical engineering topics (alphabetical)
* List of electrical engineering topics (thematic)
* List of genetic engineering topics
* List of mechanical engineering topics
* List of nanoengineering topics
* List of software engineering topics (alphabetical)
* List of software engineering topics (thematic)

See also

* Architecture
* Construction
* Design
* Science
* Science and technology
* Technology

External links

* [ History of engineering]

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