Assemblage (journal)

Assemblage (journal)

"Assemblage" was "a critical journal of architecture and design culture" published by MIT Press from 1986 to 2000. Forty-one issues were published in total. It is full-text searchable on JSTOR.

K. Michael Hays and Alicia Kennedy served as the main editor for all 41 issues. Other editorial figures include Catherine Ingraham, Stan Allen, Sarah Whiting, Mark Pasnik.

The "Assemblage" advisory/editorial board has included many architectural theorists and writers over the years, including Stanford Anderson (vol 1-14), Francoise Choay (vol 1-5), Mario Gandelsonas (all volumes), Jorge Silvetti (all volumes), Werner Oechslin (vol 1-16), Beatriz Colomina (vol 14-41), Mark Rakatansky (vol 14-33), Mark Wigley (vol 14-41), Sanford Kwinter (vol 16-41), Robert McAnulty (vol 17-41), Jennifer Bloomer (vol 17-41) and Lauren Kogod (vol 33-41)

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