List of Hewitts and Nuttalls in England

List of Hewitts and Nuttalls in England

North Western Fells

Southern Fells

The Pennines

North Pennines — Western Fells

Yorkshire Dales — Southern Fells

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fnb|1 Honister Crag was discovered to have the enough relative height to qualify as a Nuttall after publication of the book. [cite web | url= | last=Nuttall | first=John & Anne | title=Honister Crag (or Black Star) | year=2004 | accessdate=2007-04-24]

fnb|2 Birks Fell was resurveyed in 2006 and discovered to be 610 m and not 608 m as previously thought. This not only pushes it over the 2000 ft mark needed for inclusion on these lists, but also raises it above neighbouring Horse Head Moor (609 m), making it a Marilyn. [cite web | url= | last=Nuttall | first=John & Anne | title=Birks Fell — Officially a new mountain | year=2006 | accessdate=2007-04-24]

fnb|3 The Black Mountain straddles the English–Welsh border and was formerly listed in The Relative Hills of Britain and the TACit Tables as belonging to both England and Wales. With effect from May 2007, Black Mountain is deemed to be in Wales only for the purposes of lists and databases, and such evidence as exists points that way. The Nuttalls have always listed Black Mountain as being in Wales only.


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