caption="Araña: The Heart of the Spider" #1.
Art by Mark Brooks.
real_name=Anya Sofia Corazon
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Amazing Fantasy" (volume 2) #1, 2004
creators=Fiona Avery
Mark Brooks
alliances=SHRA Training Program
The Spider Society
aliases=Arañita, the Hunter
powers=Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes,
Ability to stick to solid surfaces,
Ability to create a blue symbiote-like protective exoskeleton |

Araña (Anya Sofia Corazon) is a fictional character, a superheroine in the Marvel Universe.

Publication history

Araña was created by writer Fiona Avery and artist Mark Brooks and is based on ideas J. Michael Straczynski used in his run on "The Amazing Spider-Man." She was the star of the resurrected "Amazing Fantasy" comic book in 2004.

After her storyline ended in "Amazing Fantasy" vol. 2 #6, she appeared in her own title, "Araña: The Heart of the Spider", starting in January 2005 as part of Marvel Next. This series ran for twelve issues.

Anya appears in the "Ms. Marvel" title as a recruit for service as a licensed superhero under the Superhuman Registration Act.

upporting cast

*Miguel, The Spider Society's mage. ("deceased")
*Nina, an aspiring executive at WebCorps.
*Ted, WebCorps' resident hacker.
*Lynn, Anya's best friend.
*Gil Corazon, an investigative reporter and Anya's father.
*Jon Kasiya (Amun), Egyptian assassins worked for Sisterhood of the Wasp.

Fictional character biography

Heart of the Spider

On her first day at Milton Summers High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Anya Corazon is recruited by a mystical clan called the Spider Society to act as their agent, a Hunter. A ritual is performed on her by giving her a spider-shaped tattoo that endows her with spider-like powers. Anya lies to her father, Gil Corazon (a reporter for the "New York Herald" and writer of several major stories), about what has happened; she tries to convince him that she has an ordinary internship at WebCorps. Gil interrogates Miguel concerning what sort of work he has lined up for Anya.

WebCorps offers Araña various costumes, including suits resembling those of Supergirl, the Invisible Woman, Magneto, Spider-Man, The Bride from "Kill Bill", Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, and a giant rabbit costume (from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" Anya Jenkins). Anya, not satisfied, decides to make her own costume. She designes a costume with red and blue sneakers, blue track pants, red backpack, red gloves with many pockets, and big goggle-eyed sunglasses. A crusty exoskeleton covers most of her body with a bug-like bluish skin. In place of equipment like web-shooters or spider tracers, Araña attaches cords to discs that are about the size of her palm and have eight red legs able to remotely grip objects.

The Sisterhood of the Wasp, adversaries of the Spider Society, also have a Hunter, who fights Araña in the first issue.

In the Beginning

While interrogating a spy for the Sisterhood of the Wasp, Anya and Miguel discover that the Sisterhood has recruited a fifteen year old boy codenamed Amun, a descendant of Egyptian assassins who believes he is skilled enough that he doesn't need to conceal his identity. Anya soon meets Amun, who has enrolled at her school under the name Jon Kasiya. The two soon deduce the other's dual identity.

Later, during a fight between Anya, Miguel, and the Sisterhood, Amun tells her that he will attack her loved ones if she opposes him. Noting her father is filming the fight, Anya takes him to safety. In her absence, Amun seriously wounds Miguel. The encounter leaves Anya doubting her duty due to the danger it poses to her loved ones. However, in a chance encounter, Spider-Man arrives and, after discussing her origins and adventures, tells her, "With great power comes great responsibility" and that in every age, people are called to be heroes.

Soon afterwards, Anya fights Amun and, in anger, nearly strangles him to death. She is stopped by Ted, who tells Amun to run. Ted tells her that she had released "the Spirit of the Hunter" and warns her not to do it again without Miguel with her. Back at WebCorps, Miguel is revived upon being reunited with Anya, and he tells her the history of the organization that would eventually split into Wasps and Spiders.

After an encounter with a gunman in a coffee shop, in which Anya saves Lynn and Amun without revealing her secret identity, Amun promises to respect her double life and to stop targeting her friends and family.

Night of the Hunter

The Spider Society receives information that the Sisterhood of the Wasp is about to recruit a Mexico City crimelord. The crimelord, Jaime Jade, is rumored to have mental abilities. Disturbingly, he was also involved in the death of Anya's mother in Mexico City about a decade ago. Her death is supposed to have made Anya's father emigrate.

Anya, realizing who Jade is, steals some experimental anti-telepathy gear from WebCorps with the purpose of tracking down Jade, but is stopped by Miguel. When she tries to escape, he traps her in the building. He knows it won't hold her for long, but thinks it will give him enough time to get Jade.

Jade shows some interest in the mental abilities of Vincent, the Wasp's mage. After a demonstration on the way to the safehouse, they are ambushed by the Spider Society. In the battle, Jade mistakes Nina for Anya, but the arrival of Amun and Anya dispels this belief. In the fight, Vincent teleports Jade away. Miguel and Anya agree to work together to track down Jade, if Anya can punish him afterwards.

At the safehouse, Vincent wants to teleport Jade to another safehouse, to keep the Spiders off-balance. Jade declines, and hypnotizes Vincent to leave the building. He will do this on his own, he says.

At school the next day, Amun wants to know why Anya is putting so much effort into this case. He asks that they trust one another as enemies. She tells him that Jade killed her mother. Amun replies that his father is dead. He promise to check her story on the Wasp's computers.

That night, the Spiders arrive at the Wasp safehouse. The anti-telepathy gear is set up, and they move in. They defeat the guards, but when they face Jade, he taunts Anya. She loses her temper, and through this he manages to hypnotize her. She knocks out Miguel and carries him to a car.

Amun is checking the Wasps' computers, and he discovers that Anya doesn't have the whole story of her mother's death. He is instructed to go help Vincent - who is currently driving back to New York. A truck horn snaps him back to reality, and he realizes how he has been tricked. He drives back immediately.

At the safehouse, Miguel wakes up, gets Ted and Nina, and is about to go after Jade when their car is destroyed by Vincent. He fights to keep them there. Further down the road, Anya cannot break free of Jade's hypnosis, but the sight of her mother's ghost wakes her up. She knocks out Jade and stops the car. When he wakes up, the car is suspended by a rope over the river. He thinks she's bluffing, and says, "Little miss super hero won't want my death on her conscience." She replies, "No, my conscience feels fine," and lets go of the rope.

At this point, Amun arrives, and tells her that Jade was not responsible for her mother's death. Realizing that he never admitted to it, and Amun may not be lying, she dives into the water to save Jade, but he has already escaped.


This one shot ends Araña's battle against the wasps. She discovers that her exoskeleton is not an ability from being a 'Hunter', and she has in fact never been a true Hunter. Upon discovering this, and being faced with a gigantic monster summoned by the Wasps, she grants her Hunter abilities to Nina, and renounces Webcorps. In the process, Miguel is killed saving Nina from a blast. In the end, Nina becomes Webcorps chosen champion, and Araña is free to pursue a new fate.

"Civil War" and life with Ms. Marvel

Anya Corazon takes a job at the Chicken Cow fast food restaurant to support herself. At the same time, the pro-Registration heroes have tasked Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man to find her, convince her to register, and train her. Fleeing the scene of the Chicken Cow restaurant after foiling an attempted robbery, ["Ms. Marvel" vol. 2 #7] Anya and her father are taken into custody; Mr. Corazon learns of Anya's super powers. He is proud to let her train with Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man. Anya accompanies them to Stark Tower, where she forces herself into a meeting with Iron Man, and then on a mission to capture the Shroud and Arachne. Arachne escapes, but the Shroud is captured and taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Anya's training will essentially comprise her accompanying Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel on missions and playing "sidekick" to them.

A strike team led by Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man arrives at the home of Arachne's parents to take her into custody. ["Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #8"] After a pitched battle between the heroes, Arachne is arrested and her daughter Rachel forcibly separated from her. Anya is deeply shaken by the ordeal and states that if being a hero means separating a mother from her child, she wants no part of it. However, she remains part of the pro-Registration strikeforce. ["Civil War" #6]

Before a battle with Doomsday Man, Ms. Marvel asks Anya to go get help if she fails to make contact with her by a certain time. Eventually, Anya joins the battle, and Doomsday Man rips away her carapace/exoskeleton, severely injuring her. ["Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #12"] Although she eventually recovers, her exoskeleton is gone. Her father takes out a restraining order to keep Ms. Marvel away from her, although Anya secretly visits Ms. Marvel to tell her she isn't to blame for what happened. Soon after, Anya quits her job, and is confronted by Arachne, who is enraged and demands to know the whereabouts of her daughter. ["Ms. Marvel" vol. 2 #13] Anya quickly subdues her, but chooses to accompany Ms. Marvel and Arachne in their attempt to find Arachne's daughter, even though that means violating the restraining order her father has placed against Ms. Marvel. ["Ms. Marvel" vol. 2 #14]

Araña gets into a fight with her father for treating her like a child after he accuses her of seeing Ms. Marvel. She tells him at least Carol is showing her how to grow up. She is later captured by Chilean soldiers, who deliver her to the Puppet Master; she is added to a collection of female heroes that includes Stature, Dusk, Tigra, and Silverclaw. ["Ms. Marvel" vol. 2 #18] During a battle with Ms. Marvel's team, Anya is partially subdued by Machine Man and Sleepwalker, and resists the Puppet Master's command that she kill Ms. Marvel, whom she sees as a mother figure. ["Ms. Marvel" vol. 2 #19 & #20]

She is still onboard the minicarrier when the alien known as Cru kidnaps Carol. Agent Sum tries to make her leave but she refuses saying that Carol saved her, now it's her turn to do the same. The Lightning Storm team heads to Monster Isle where they are confronted by the Brood. Agent Sum shows her how to detonate a nuclear device in case all else fails in stopping the Brood and is surprised when Carol shows up in her Binary form. After the Brood is defeated, she returns home and apologizes, making up with her father.

Powers and abilities

Araña possesses enhanced strength, speed, and agility. She has the ability to cling to walls, and sprouts a spider-like exoskelton around her body which enhances these abilities. While her exoskeleton was later ripped out by Doomsday Man, she retains her primary powers. Araña also invented spider-like grappling hooks, which she uses to swing from buildings, or as whip-like weapons.

Although Araña's full strength has never been revealed, she was able to quickly defeat Arachne.

Other versions

"Marvel Team-Up: League of Losers"

Araña features in an arc of Robert Kirkman's "Marvel Team-Up" (vol. 3), featuring a group of C-list heroes dubbed "The League of Losers". A group of heroes including Araña, Darkhawk, Dagger, Gravity, X-23, Sleepwalker, and Terror go to the future to prevent the villain Chronok from stealing Reed Richards' time machine, (Chronok comes to the present after killing all of Marvel's major heroes). Araña however, dies in an explosion while the team searches for a time machine so that they can travel to the future. The rest of the team succeeds however, and Chronok is defeated.

Due to the Marvel Universe's method for resolving time travel paradoxes, this story takes place in an alternate timeline.


In the MC2 continuity, an adult Araña, accompanied by a man called Michael, tests Spider-Girl, then covers for her, posing as a fake seer to throw the Hobgoblin off track when he tries to find her weaknesses.


*Originally, Araña was supposed to be known as Spider-Girl, but Marvel decided to resurrect the "Amazing Fantasy" title to test the waters for a possible series featuring Araña (in "Spider-Man Family" #1, Araña tests Spider-Girl without the latter's knowledge. In this story, Miguel is still alive).
*Araña is Spanish for spider; her surname means heart in Spanish.
*The giant rabbit costume WebCorps offers is a sight gag; in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" the vengeance demon Anya dresses in a rabbit costume — because rabbits terrify her — for Halloween.
*The promotional copy on the digest collection extolls Araña as Marvel's first Hispanic superhero. However, she was preceded by El Aguila, a little-known character, and by the White Tiger.


*"Amazing Fantasy" (Vol. 2) #1 - 6
*"Araña: The Heart of the Spider" #1 - 12
*"Marvel Team-Up" (Vol. 3) #15 - 18
*"Spider-Man/Araña" (one-shot)
*"Ms. Marvel" (Vol. 2) #6 - 8, 11 - 13, 18 - 20
*"Amazing Spider-Girl" #14, #17, #19
*"Doctor Strange: The Oath" #1

Marvel Digest

*"Araña: The Heart of the Spider":
#"Heart of The Spider" (Amazing Fantasy #1 - 6)
#"In The Beginning" (Araña: The Heart of the Spider #1-6)
#"Night of the Hunter" (Araña: The Heart of the Spider #7-12)


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