Barney's Good Day Good Night

Barney's Good Day Good Night

Barney's Good Day, Good Night is a Barney & Friends home video. It features any array of traditional Children's songs & School Songs.


Barney and his friends are playing outside on a beautiful sunny day. Robert tells Barney that he has always wanted to be able to stay up all night long just too see what happens at nighttime. The kids are in for some nighttime fun during the day with the help of Barney's special "Night Timer." When the lights go down, they all pretend that it is nighttime and get ready for bed by brushing their teeth and putting on their pajamas. Barney teaches them that there are some unusual sights and sounds associated with nighttime. After singing some of their favorite "nighttime" songs, the stars begin to fade and before they know it, the morning sun is shining once again. What a Good Day/Good Night with Barney!!


*Voice of Barney - Bob West
*Barney Body Costume - David Joyner
*Stephen - Chase Gallatin
*Kristen - Sara Hickman
*Robert - Angel Velasco
*Ashley - Mouet Chandler
*Puppeteer - Ray Henry


# Barney Theme Song (Tune: Yankee Doodle)
# Five Little Butterflies
# Mister Sun
# The Barney Bag
# What Makes a Flower So Pretty?
# Growing
# Getting Ready For Bed
# Just One More thing
# Brahms' Lullaby
# Listen to the Night Time
# Are You Sleeping? (Frere Jacques) English Version
# Aiken Drum
# Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
# I Love You (Tune: This Old Man)


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