International Automated Systems

International Automated Systems

International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAS or IAUS) is a company with research and development in various industries, that has been involved in many ventures to design, produce, market, and sell high-technology products. It has been publicly traded since 1988, as a bulletin board stock (stock symbol IAUS.PK). The founder and major shareholder is Neldon Johnson. It is currently based in Salem in Utah where it was founded in 1987.


olar Power

Since 2004, International Automated Systems has put most of its efforts into developing a solar powered electricity generating system, based on solar heat collected by patented lenses and focused on a heat receiving system. This heat is then used to generate steam, which turns patented 'blade-less' turbines, and generates electricity. Prototypes of this system have been demonstrated at several locations. A fully functional electricity generation system has been under construction since 2005 in Delta, Utah.

Automated Retail

Some of the products or potential products of International Automated Systems include an automated retail self-service checkout system and management software for retail establishments. A demonstration project for this was a grocery store called U-Check that was built and run in Salem, Utah. The technology has since been licensed to Optimal Robotics Corporation for an undisclosed amount of money. However, Optimal Robotics Corporation previously had designed and implemented their own self-check out system, which they reported to have developed completely independently of International Automated Systems.Fact|date=May 2008

Biometrics and Fingerprint Identification

International Automated Systems developed a biometric device consisting of an automated fingerprint reader (AFIM = Automated Fingerprint Identification Machine) that was able to read a person's fingerprint, then use that information to create a specific, personalized code number, which could be stored in a small amount of digital space, such as on the magnetic strip of a credit card. People could then use other AFIM fingerprint scanners to identify themselves and purchase items or obtain access to controlled locations and devices in a secured way.

Other Products

The company currently is developing or has developed or partially developed products for airport security systems; automated restaurant systems; 'bladeless' turbines for electrical power generation; and solar technology systems for production of electricity and gasoline.

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