Pocket Dialing

Pocket Dialing

Pocket dialing, or pocket-calling, happens when a person's mobile phone accidentally dials someone, often unbeknownst to the person whose phone is making the call. The phone is usually located in the dialer's pocket or purse, hence the name "pocket dialing". The recipient of the call usually hears a loud and random noise when they answer the phone, and if they do not hang up and the caller remains unaware, will sometimes receive information the caller would rather not disclose.

Pocket dialing is a large problem for emergency operators (9-1-1 for example) for whom as much as 50% of emergency calls are accidental calls.Reid J. Epstein, " [http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=209554 Cell calls to 911 often made in error] " Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Feb. 22, 2004] On many older phones in the United States, pushing and holding down the number '9' key will cause the phone to automatically dial 911. In many regions, the operators must spend time and resources to determine whether the call is real or accidental. [ [http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/unint911.pdf FCC Consumer Advisory] , November 29, 2006] The phone calls often sound similar to the sorts of struggles people have while being involved in an actual emergency.

Locking the phone's key pad is the easiest way to help avoid pocket dialing, although some mobile phones will allow dialing the emergency number even when the keypad is locked, which poses a particular problem if the number is easy to dial accidentally (eg 999, 000). Not programming the emergency number into the contacts or speed dial on a mobile can also help prevent pocket dialing to that number. [King County Press Release, " [http://www.metrokc.gov/exec/news/2003/0407031.htm Sims asks for help to prevent accidental wireless 9-1-1 calls] " April 7, 2003]

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