Saskatchewan general election, 1934

Saskatchewan general election, 1934

The Saskatchewan general election of 1934 was the eighth provincial election held in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It was held on June 19 1934, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

The Liberal Party of former premier James Gardiner was returned to power with a large majority -- 50 of the 55 seats in the legislature -- after the four year Conservative minority government interlude.

After forming a coalition government to oust the Liberals from power after the 1929 election, James T.M. Anderson's Conservative government had tried to use anti-Catholic and anti-French Canadian feeling in the province to win support. The Conservatives also had the support of the Ku Klux Klan, which was a significant force in the province at the time. The Tories also had to contend with the effects of the Great Depression and the Prairie dust bowl, however, and although they won about a quarter of the popular vote, they won no seats in the legislature. The Conservatives remained a minor force in Saskatchewan politics for 40 years after this defeat.

The Tories' allies in the previous legislature, the Progressives did not nominate candidates in this election, and were replaced by Farmer-Labour candidates as the voice of the left in the province.



* Party did not nominate candidates in previous election.

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