Battles of Bergisel

Battles of Bergisel

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battles of Bergisel
partof=the War of the Fifth Coalition

caption=Statue of Andreas Hofer near Bergisel in Innsbruck.
date=12 April1 November 1809
place=Bergisel, south of Innsbruck, Austria
result=French victory
combatant1=flagicon|Austrian Empire Tyroleans
combatant2=flagicon|Bavaria|striped Kingdom of Bavaria
flagicon|France First French Empire
commander1=flagicon|Austrian Empire Andreas Hofer
flagicon|Austrian Empire Josef Speckbacher
flagicon|Austrian Empire Peter Mayr
flagicon|Austrian Empire Jochim Haspinger
commander2=flagicon|Bavaria|striped General Deroy
flagicon|France Marshal Lefebvre
strength2=5,000 (later 15,000)
The so called Battles of Bergisel were 4 battles between Napoleon's and Bavarian forces against Tyrolean militiamen and a few Austrian soldiers at the Bergisel hill near Innsbruck. They occurred time between 12 April and 1 November 1809.

The Tyrolean forces, loyal to Austria, were led by Andreas Hofer, Josef Speckbacher, Peter Mayr and Capuchin father Jochim Haspinger. The first battles were won by the local Tyrolean forces, but they lost the last battle.

Andreas Hofer was arrested after a betrayal on 28 January 1810 and was shot on 20 February 1810 in Mantua in Italy.

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