Ieng Sary

Ieng Sary

Ieng Sary (born October 24, 1925, Loeung Va, Tra Vinh) was a powerful figure in the Khmer Rouge. He was the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Democratic Kampuchea from 1975 to 1979 and held several senior positions in the Khmer Rouge until his defection to the government in 1996.

Early years

Of Khmer ancestry on his father's side, and Chinese ancestry on his mother's, [ [ Ieng Sary's Brief Biography] ; cite book|title=Genocide in Cambodia: Documents from the Trial from of Pol Pot and Ieng Sary (Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights) (Hardcover)|author=Ieng Sary, Howard J. De Nike, John B. Quigley, Kenneth J. Robinson, Cambodia Tribunal Populaire Revolutionnaire, Helen Jarvis, Nereida Cross|publisher=University of Pennsylvania Press|page=90|isbn=0812235398; [ Jurisdictional and Definitional Issues] ] Ieng Sary was born in southwestern Vietnam bordering Cambodia and changed his name from the Vietnamese Kim Trang when he joined the Khmer Rouge. He is the brother-in-law by marriage, of the Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot (real name: Saloth Sar). Sary and Saloth Sar studied at Phnom Penh's Lycée Sisowath where their future wives, the sisters Khieu Thirith and Khieu Ponnary also studied. Before leaving Cambodia to study in Paris, Sary was engaged to Khieu Thirith.

Sary and Saloth Sar also studied together in Paris. Whilst there, Sary rented an apartment in the Latin Quarter, a hotbed of student radicalism. He and Saloth Sar met with French communist intellectuals, and formed their own cell of Cambodian communists.

Sary and Khieu Thirith married in the town hall of Paris' 15th arrondissement the summer of 1951 and Thirith took her husband's name, becoming Ieng Thirith.cite web
url= |title=Brother Number One: A Political Biography of Pol Pot |work=p.32 |author=David P. Chandler |date=1999 |publisher=Westview Press |format=ISBN 0813335108 |accessdate=2007-11-15


After returning to Cambodia, he was inducted into the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Kampuchea in September 1960.Chandler, David P., " [ Revising the Past in Democratic Kampuchea: When Was the Birthday of the Party?: Notes and Comments] ", in Pacific Affairs, Vol. 56, No. 2 (Summer, 1983), pp. 288-300.]

After the fall of the Khmer Rouge, Sary made personal appeals to expatriates (the well-educated Cambodians who had survived the prison death camps, and had afterwards moved abroad) to help rebuild Cambodia. However upon returning to Cambodia, they were arrested on arrival, and thrown into brutal detention centres.BBC News, " [ Top Khmer Rouge diplomat in court] ". June 30, 2008]

Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk officially pardoned Ieng Sary in 1996.

Later years

On February 17 2006, Radio Australia [ carried a report] saying that Ieng Sary had been hospitalized in Bangkok, Thailand, after a serious heart attack. A [ newspaper article] on May 28 2006, reported that he "lives in an opulent Phnom Penh villa surrounded by security guards and barbed wire."

He was arrested on November 12 2007 at his home in Phnom Penh on an arrest warrant from the Cambodia Tribunal [Ed Johnson and Paul Tighe, [ "Khmer Rouge Foreign Minister Arrested in Cambodia"] ,, November 12, 2007.] for war crimes and crimes against humanity. His wife, Ieng Thirith, was also arrested for crimes against humanity. [ [ "Ex-official of Khmer Rouge and wife arrested for crimes against humanity"] , Associated Press ("International Herald Tribune"), November 12, 2007.] On February 4 2008, he was taken to Calmette Hospital for treatment of a problem in his urinary tract, according to his lawyer. A spokesman for the Tribunal said that he had already been hospitalized once before in the previous ten days. [ [ "Former Khmer Rouge foreign minister, detained for trial, taken to hospital"] , Associated Press ("International Herald Tribune"), February 4, 2008.]


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