. The "Beitstadfjord" might also freeze over in winter, but only for a few weeks.

The towns Stjørdal, Levanger and Steinkjer are found on the eastern and northeastern shore of the fjord. Aker Verdal in Verdal produces large offshore installations for the petroleum sector. A yard in Rissa completed the luxurious apartment ship "The World".

Trondheimsfjorden has a rich marine life, with both southern and northern species; at least 90 species of fish have been observed, and the fjord has the largest biological production among Norway's fjords [Mork, J. Fisk og fiskerier i Trondheimsfjorden, Tapir Forlag, 110-132.] . In recent years deep water corals (Lophelia pertusa) were discovered in the fjord, not far from the city of Trondheim. Several of the best salmon rivers in Norway empty into Trondheimsfjord. Among these are Gaula (in Melhus just south of Trondheim), Orkla (in Orkdal), Stjørdalselva (in Stjørdal) and Verdalselva (in Verdal).

The lowland east and south of the fjord represents one of Norway's best agricultural areas. The more rugged and mountainous Fosen peninsula is situated to the west and northwest, giving some shelter from the wind common to coastal areas.

The Trondheimsfjord was an important waterway in the Viking Age, as it is still today. In 1888, an undersea mudslide caused a tsunami which killed one person in Trondheim and ruptured three railway lines.


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