Diskoton records Sarajevo logo.png
Status Defunct
Country of origin Yugoslavia
Location Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sarajevo

Diskoton was a major record label based in Sarajevo, Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the former Yugoslavia. It should not be confused with another former Yugoslav record company with a similar name called Diskos.

With the outbreak of the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company ceased to exist. The studio was completely destroyed along with all master recordings, meaning that most albums are unavailable in master quality (apart from the few that were released in the short time that Diskoton were producing CDs before its literal collapse).


Diskoton released numerous records of many former Yugoslav artists. Some of the artist that have been signed to Diskoton, include:

The label also released records by foreign artists, such as The Commodores, Roy Harper, Diana Ross, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and others for the former Yugoslav market.


Other major labels in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia were: PGP-RTB and Jugodisk from Belgrade; Jugoton and Suzy from Zagreb; ZKP RTLJ from Ljubljana, and others.

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