Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Bang Bang may refer to:

*Bang Bang (Dublin), a Dublin eccentric gentleman
*Bang Bang, a minor character in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

In music:
*"Bang Bang" (album), a 1998 album by American jam band Dispatch
*"Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", a 1966 Cher song
*"Bang Bang" (song), a 1978 Squeeze single
*"Bang Bang" (Iggy pop song), a song on Iggy Pop's "Party" album
*"Bang Bang" (Kelly Willis album), an album by country music artist Kelly Willis
*"Bang! Bang!", an excerpt from the chorus of Feuer Frei by Rammstein.
*"Bang Bang & Other Hits", a 1992 Cher compilation album
*Bang Bang Machine, a cult band
*"Bang Bang You're Dead" (song), a song by the band Dirty Pretty Things
*"Bang Bang Rock & Roll", the debut album from British rock band Art Brut
*The Bang Bang, a fictional band in the film "Brothers of the Head"

In other:
*Bang Bang Jump Up, a solitary rocky hill in Australia
*Bang-Bang Club, four photographers active within the townships of South Africa during the Apartheid period
*"Bang Bang Ball", a Tetris-type arcade game
*"Bang-Bang-a-Boom!", a Big Finish Productions audio drama
*"Bang Bang Orangutang", a 2005 Swedish film
*Bang-bang control, a type of optimal control problem
*"Whizz Whizz Bang Bang", a CBBC programme
*Bang Bang, It's Reeves and Mortimer, a comedy double act
*Chitty Bang Bang, the informal name of a number of celebrated English racing cars
*"Bang Bang You're Dead", the title of a play by William Mastrosimone and a film based on the play
*"Bang Bang!" the catchphrase of wrestler Mick Foley, based on The B-52's hit, Love Shack
*Bang-Bang (CSI), an episode of ""

See also:
*Bam Bam
*Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (disambiguation)
*Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (disambiguation)

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