European Rowing Championships

European Rowing Championships

The European Rowing Championships is an international Rowing regatta organised by FISA (the International Rowing Federation).

The first event was held in 1893 and as of 1962 was replaced (one year in four) by the World Rowing Championships, which then became an annual event from 1974. Women's events were introduced in 1954, but even then men's and women's events were held on different days.

On 27 May 2006 the FISA members voted to re-introduce European Rowing Championships

In the first event there were only 3 events (men's single, coxed four and eight) and only ten entries. Races were 3,000 m long, except for singles - which were only 2,000 m.

In 2007, when the European Rowing Championship was re-introduced, there were 14 Olympic boat classes racing over 2,000m.


*2010 Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal
*2009 Brest, Belarus
*2008 Schinias, Marathon, Greece
*2007 Poznan, Poland

*1973 Moscow, Russia
*1972 (Women's events) Brandenburg, Germany
*1971 Copenhagen, Denmark
*1970 (Women's events) Tata, Hungary
*1969 Klagenfurt, Austria
*1968 (Women's events) Berlin, Germany
*1967 Vichy, France
*1966 (Women's events) Bosbaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*1965 Duisburg, Germany
*1964 Bosbaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*1963 Copenhagen, Denmark (Women's events: Moscow, Russia)
*1962 (Women's events) East Berlin, Germany
*1961 Prague, Czech Republic
*1960 (Women's events) Welsh Harp, Willesden, London, United Kingdom
*1959 Macon, France
*1958 Poznan, Poland
*1957 Duisburg, Germany
*1956 Bled, Slovenia
*1955 Ghent, Belgium (Women's events: Bucharest, Romania)
*1954 Bosbaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands
*1953 Copenhagen, Denmark
*1951 Macon, France
*1950 Milan, Italy
*1949 Amsterdam, Netherlands
*1947 Lucerne, Switzerland
*1938 Milan, Italy
*1937 Amsterdam, Netherlands
*1935 Berlin, Germany
*1934 Rotsee, Lucerne, Switzerland
*1933 Budapest, Hungary
*1932 Belgrade, Serbia
*1931 Paris, France
*1930 Liege, Belgium
*1929 Bydgoszcz, Poland
*1927 Como, Italy
*1926 Lake Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland
*1925 Prague, Czech Republic
*1913 Ghent, Belgium
*1911 Como, Italy
*1908 Lake Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland
*1893 Lake Orta, Italy

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