All India Muslim Students Federation

All India Muslim Students Federation

The Muslim Students Federation was an Indian Muslim students union affiliated with the All India Muslim League. Splitting off from the All India Students Federation in 1937, the body was organised under patronage of [quaide millath ismail sahib.

About msf

Muslim Students Federation has been working for more than fifty years organising the Muslim Students on the lines of democratic, secular and progressive ideals. MSF has the unique role of moulding the students in the Islamic way of life and imbibing them with the leadership qualities and skills to face the challenges of changing times.

MSF upholds the vision of late Qaide Millath Mohammed Ismail Sahib who master-minded the political movement of the minorities of India for their honourable existence. MSF prepares the students to carry on the mission of making a vibrant community to participate in the nation building activities. It gives the paramount importance to education as the way of liberation and also as a solution to social deprivations and evils. MSF emphasises the need of communal amity and secular solidarity to safe guard the rich composite culture of our great nation and also thrives to attain competency and excellence in all the spheres of national life. MSF envisages programmes of action to uplift the community from social and educational backwardness.

MSF Stands For

  * To formulate and implement programmes for the social, cultural, educational and economic uplift of the students especially of Muslims, Dalits and other socially backward sections.
  * To envisage scholarship projects and other schemes to assist students who are poor and needy.
  * To ensure the representation of student community in various fora, academic and otherwise, to make it helpful to improve their lot.
  * To equip the students with religious way of life and to inculcate in them the values of peaceful coexistence and secular outlook.
  * To agitate for, and safe guard, the educational rights of minorities and other deprived sections.
  * To formulate various programmes to ensure friendship and camaraderie among students and to motivate them to attain excellency and allround efficiency

Retrospect In Kerala there were few MSF units right from 1936. But it was with the inspiring patronage of late K M Seethi Sahib, the Malabar District MSF came in to existence following a convention of Muslim Students at Himayathul Islam High School, Calicut on 28th Feb. 1942. With the formation of Kerala, State MSF Committee was formed at Alappuzha on 15th October 1958. From then on, MSF has been working in Kerala and it has gained commendable influence among students. The present committee celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Kerala State MSF.

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actually now Muslim students federation working in kerala


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