Kāne Milohai

Kāne Milohai

In Hawaiian mythology, Kāne Milohai is the father of Kamohoaliokinai, Pele (whom he exiled to Hawaiokinai), Kapo, Nāmaka and Hiokinaiaka by Haumea. He created the sky, earth and upper heaven and gave Kumu-Honua the garden. He owned a tiny seashell that, when placed on the ocean's waves, turned into a huge sailboat. The user of the boat had merely to state his destination and the boat took him there. In agricultural and planting traditions, Kāne was identified with the sun.

The word Kāne alone means "man". As a creative force, Kāne was the heavenly father of all men. As he was the father of all living things, he was a symbol of life in nature.

In many chants and legends of Ancient Hawaii, Kāne is paired with the god Kanaloa, and is considered one of the four great Hawaiian divinities along with Kanaloa, , and Lono.

Alternatively known as Kāne, Kāne-Hekili ("thunderer" or "lightning breaking through the sky"), Kāne Hoalani.

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*The Māori god Tāne.

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