Afghanistan Police Program

Afghanistan Police Program

Afghanistan Police Program is an US-funded program, designed to train and equip part of the Afghan National Police (ANP). [ [ Interagency Assessment of Afghanistan Police Training and Readiness (PDF)] ]


At a Geneva conference on Afghanistan security in April 2002, the United States and other donor countries agreed to support the rebuilding of the security forces in post-Taliban Afghanistan. They established a “five pillars” approach, each to be led by a different nation. The United States took the lead to build the Afghan National Army (ANA). Germany took the lead for the police sector. The other pillars are the justice system (Italy), counternarcotics (Britain), and disarmament of illegal armed groups {Japan).

The program calls for building the Afghan National Police by requiring a comprehensive, integrated approach that encompasses leadership training, sustaining institutions and organizations, and oversight and internal control mechanisms. It has rapidly evolved beyond police readiness requirements and training to include sweeping institutional reform of the ANP through the Ministry of Interior.

Program goals

The intended end state of the U.S.-funded ANP is an effective, well-organized, professional, multiethnic national police force that is trained and equipped to provide a safe and secure environment for the people of Afghanistan and a force committed to the rule of law. The ANP need to be led well, paid decent salaries, and trained and equipped to carry out their assigned security and law and order missions. The program’s goal is to establish a self sustainingANP – a police force able to attract and retain qualified candidates and to operate with minimal international assistance.


Processes and systems have been put in place to enhance readiness and improve how police recruits are vetted, paid, assigned, and equipped.

Seven Afghan National Policemen graduated the first phase of ANP training, administered by Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and DynCorp International, on March 9 at the Nuristan PRT base of Kala Gush. The success of the program can be measured by the enthusiasm of the officers taking part in the course. A large number of the ANP in Eastern Nuristan Province, both new recruits and seasoned officers alike, will travel upwards of five hours one way from remote and rugged areas just to receive the training. [ [ Nuristan PRT brings professional training to ANP] ]

According to the Afghan government, approximately 70,000 ANP personnel have received basic training. A target figure of 80,000 police was agreed by the Government of Afghanistan.


International donors have financed the bulk of the Afghan budget. The Afghan government does not have the revenue to pay its police. The international community has established a mechanism to pay ANP salaries through the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan, administered by the United Nations (U.N.) Development Program.

As of May 2006, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) funding for the ANP program approximates $1.1 billion for the period FY 2004-2007. Almost all of that funding has gone to the contract with DynCorp International.

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