Waterfall (disambiguation)

Waterfall (disambiguation)

A waterfall is a natural formation.

Waterfall may also mean:
* Waterfall, New South Wales
** Waterfall train disaster
* Waterfall, Alaska
* Waterfall (M. C. Escher), a paradoxical print by Escher
* Waterfall model, used in software engineering as a straightforward method of developing software
* Waterfall bong, used to smoke marijuana
* Fallingwater, a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
* Waterfall chart is a kind of floating column bar chart.
* a "spectral waterfall" display is often used to visualize animal calls and other sounds.
*"New York City Waterfalls", an art installation in New York City by artist Olafur Eliasson

"Waterfall(s)" is the title of several songs:
* "Waterfall (The Stone Roses song)", by The Stone Roses from their 1989 debut album "The Stone Roses"
* a song by Joy and the Boy from their album "Paradise"
* a 1969 song by Jimi Hendrix, also known as "May this Be Love".
* a 1972 song by 10cc - Stewart/Gouldman
* "Waterfall (Wendy & Lisa song)", a 1987 song by Wendy and Lisa
*"Waterfalls" (Paul McCartney song) is a Paul McCartney single.
*"Waterfalls" (TLC song), by TLC
* "Waterfall" an early 90's trance music anthem by Dutch mixers "Atlantic Ocean" (Lex van Coeverden and Rene van der Weyde)

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