Speaker of the Parliament of Finland

Speaker of the Parliament of Finland

The Speaker of the Parliament of Finland (Finnish "Eduskunnan puhemies", Swedish "Riksdagens talman"), along with two Deputy Speakers, is elected by Parliament during the first plenary session each year. Speakers are chosen for a year at a time. In addition to their preparing the work in plenary sessions the speakers also play a key role in Parliament's international co-operation, which includes visits by speakers and international delegations as well as participation in numerous interparliamentary organisations.

The Speaker and two Deputy Speakers are elected by Parliament from among its members by secret ballot. After the election the Speaker and Deputy Speakers each make the following solemn affirmation before Parliament:

:"I, ..., affirm that in my office as Speaker I will to the best of my ability defend the rights of the people, Parliament and the government of Finland according to the Constitution."

Formally, the Speaker ranks second in the protocol, after the President of Finland.

List of Speakers of the Parliament of Finland

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