Vamsadhara River

Vamsadhara River

River Vamsadhara (also called Bansadhara in Orissa) is an important east flowing river between Mahanadi and Godavari, in Southern Orissa and North Eastern Andhra Pradesh states in India.

It is situated in the geographic co-ordinates of 18 15 to 19 55 north latitudes and 83 20 84 20 east longitudes.

The river originates near Lanjigarh village in Kalahandi district of Orissa and runs for a distance of about 254 kilometers and joins the Bay of Bengal at Kalingapatnam.

The total catchement area of the river basin is about 10,830 square kilometers.

Tourist attractions of Mukhalingam and Kalingapatnam in Srikakulam district are located on the banks of this river.

Name of this river originates from words bansa (bamboo) and dhara (water flow). This river originates from forests with bamboo trees. So, it was named as Bansadhara in Oriya and transliterated as Vamsadhara in Telugu.

The Vamsadhara Project

Boddepalli Rajagopala Rao Project was constructed on Vamsadhara river. [ [ The Hindu on Vamsadhara project] ] The Vamsadhara project has two canals viz., the left main canal (LMC), irrigating about convert|148000|acre|km2|-1, and the right main canal (RMC) covering an ayacut of convert|62280|acre|km2|0. The left main canal was completed long back. The right main canal was delayed due to various reasons. Gotta Reservoir feeds the right main canal. About 166 villages in seven mandals viz., L.N. Peta, Hiramandalam, Burja, Amadalavalasa, Gara, Sarubujjili and Srikakulam will be benefited from the RMC.


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