Abortion in Mexico

Abortion in Mexico

Abortion in Mexico is allowed at the national level for cases of rape, health conditions or fetal defects." [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6586959.stm Abortion legalised in Mexico City] ." (April 25, 2007). "BBC News." Retrieved June 21, 2007.] Only two states (Morelos and Yucatán) and the Federal District (Mexico City) have specific provisions expanding these cases. According to Human Rights Watch, in many states rape victims are denied access to legal abortion.

tate laws on abortion


Currently, only Mexico City allows abortions upon demand for the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. Yucatán allows it in the cases of birth defects, undesired artificial insemination, economic reasons, when the woman already has three children, the pregnancy would cause life danger and rape. All other states penalize abortion except for rape cases and health problems. [Sp icon " [http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Nacional/24042007/233571.aspx Aprueban en lo general despenalizar aborto] ." (April 24, 2007). "Frontera". Retrieved June 21, 2007.] Cases of rape are generally attended to promptly: for instance, the local government in Mexico City provides a 24-hour hotline giving information to rape victims on how to proceed

On April 24, 2007, the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District voted to allow abortion without the above restrictions during the first 12 weeks. The public debate about this law has sparked fierce opposition from pro-life organizations, conservative politicians and Roman Catholic Church officials.Sp icon Noguez, Alejandra. (March 22, 2007). " [http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/spanish/latin_america/newsid_6478000/6478945.stm Aborto, un tema que agita a México] ." "BBC Mundo." Retrieved June 21, 2007.] The National Action Party released TV spots where abortion is criticized: one featured popular comedian Chespirito (who claims his mother chose to continue the pregnancy when she risked death) and another one featured an actor portraying a Supreme Court judge condemning a woman to abortion and an unborn fetus and a voice claiming the PRI and PRD want to kill it. [Sp icon " [http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Nacional/26042007/233872.aspx Difunde PAN spot Vs. aborto en Internet] ." (April 26, 2007). "Frontera." Retrieved June 21, 2007.] The Supreme Court then raised an objection with the Federal Electoral Institute.Sp icon Herrera, Jorge. (April 25, 2007). " [http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/421083.html Abre IFE queja contra el PAN por spot sobre aborto] ." "El Universal." Retrieved June 21, 2007.] Likewise, many pro-choice and human rights groups have given their support for the proposed law. A spot in response to the one feature Chespirito was aired with a young girl speaking about wishing for the choice Chespirito's mother had when she was not allowed to terminate her pregnancy after a rape in the PAN-governed state of Baja California. The debate continues but more than 2000 women have been allowed to have abortions in Mexico City. Furthermore due to economic and legal reasons only women who are residents of Mexico City are allowed to have abortions at public hospitals, and only at those that depend financially upon the government of Mexico City.

The state of Yucatán has a provision which allows for abortion due to socio-economical reasons if the woman already has three children. [Sp icon " [http://www.esmas.com/salud/home/sexualidad/393436.html El aborto en Mexico] ." (n.d.). "Esmas.com." Retrieved June 21, 2007.] [Sp icon Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida. (February 2007). [http://www.gire.org.mx/publica2/leyesabortomexicoact07.pdf Leyes del Aborto en México] . Retrieved June 26, 2007.]

In 2007, the subject of abortion in provincial Mexico was explored in a documentary film entitled "Aborto Sin Pena". The film explores abortion in three Mexican states from the viewpoint of women who have themselves chosen to end their pregnancies.

Public opinion

*In a May 2005 Consulta Mitofsky survey, when asked, "Would you agree or disagree with the legalization of abortion in Mexico?", 51% of polltakers said that they woud disagree, 47.9% said that they would agree, and 1.1% said that they were unsure. [" [http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/index.cfm/fuseaction/viewItem/itemID/7940 Mexico Deeply Divided on Social Issues] ." (July 5, 2005). "Angus Reid Global Monitor." Retrieved June 20, 2007.]
*A November 2005 IMO survey found that 73.4% of Mexicans think abortion should not be legalized while 11.2% think it should. [" [http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/index.cfm/fuseaction/viewItem/itemID/10042 Mexicans Support Status Quo on Social Issues] ." (December 1, 2005). "Angus Reid Global Monitor." Retrieved January 10, 2006.]
* A January 2007 Consulta Mitofsky poll examined attitudes toward birth control methods in Mexico, asking, "Currently, there are many methods meant to prevent or terminate a pregnancy. In general, do you agree with the following methods?" 32.1% of respondents stated that they agreed with abortion. [" [http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/index.cfm/fuseaction/viewItem/itemID/15192 Mexicans Support Birth Control, Not Abortion] ." (March 28, 2007). "Angus Reid Global Monitor." Retrieved June 20, 2007.]
*A March 2007 Parametría survey compared the opinions of people living in Mexico City with those living throughout the rest of the country, asking, "Do you agree or disagree with allowing women to have an abortion without being penalized, if the procedure takes place within the first 14 weeks of a pregnancy?" In Mexico City, 44% said they "agree", 38% that they "disagree", 14% that "neither" agree nor disagree, and 3% that they are "not sure". Throughout the rest of Mexico, 58% of those surveyed said that they "disagree", 23% that they "agree", 15% that they "neither" agree nor disagree, and 4% that they are "not sure". [" [http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/index.cfm/fuseaction/viewItem/itemID/15398 Urban-Rural Abortion Divide Evident in Mexico] ." (April 15, 2007). "Angus Reid Global Monitor." Retrieved June 20, 2007.]

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