Marius (film)

Marius (film)
Directed by Alexander Korda
Produced by Robert Kane, Marcel Pagnol
Written by Marcel Pagnol
Starring Raimu, Pierre Fresnay, Orane Demazis, Fernand Charpin, Alida Rouffe, Paul Dullac, Alexandre Mihalesco, Robert Vattier, Édouard Delmont, Milly Mathis, Marcel Maupi
Music by Francis Gromon
Cinematography Theodore J. Pahle
Editing by Roger Mercanton
Release date(s) 1931 (1931)
Country France
Language French

Marius (1931) is a French theatre script written by Marcel Pagnol that was later converted into a film of the same name. The film is a part of a trilogy which includes the films César (film) (Marius' father) and Fanny (Marius' ex-fiancee).



The film takes place mostly in the waterfront bar of Cesar, Marius' father. Marius works in the bar, and his good friend since childhood, Fanny, is a vendor who works outside the bar. Marius has a hidden desire to travel to exotic places with the ship crews that part from the docks of Marseilles. This desire becomes exposed when a rich older man (Panisse) proposes to Fanny and Marius gets jealous. Marius' jealousy of Panisse is the first textual indication of the secret feelings that he has for her, but much to his surprise, the feelings are reciprocated by Fanny. She confesses that she loves Marius prompting him to reveal his plans of traveling the world to her, noting that being the wife of a man at sea is not a desirable life. After a few nights, it is discovered that they have slept together and Marius' father and Fanny's mother convince him to marry her. Marius becomes noticeably melancholy after proposing to Fanny until a few days later, the date of departure of a boat on which Marius was supposed to crew. Fanny, realizing that Marius is not truly happy being with her, decides to encourage him to leave. She helps distract his father while Marius sneaks onto the boat.

Cast (in credits order)

  • Raimu as Cesar Olivier
  • Pierre Fresnay as Marius
  • Orane Demazis as Fanny
  • Fernand Charpin as Honore Panisse
  • Alida Rouffe as Honorine Cabanis
  • Paul Dullac as Felix Escartefigue
  • Alexandre Mihalesco as Piquoiseau
  • Robert Vattier as Albert Brun
  • Edouard Delmont as Le Goelec
  • Milly Mathis as Tante Claudine Foulon
  • Marcel Maupi as Innocent Mangiapan Le Chauffeur Du Ferry-Boat
  • Lucien Callamand as Le Quartier-Maitre Du Ferry-Boat
  • Queret as Felicite
  • Valentine Ribe as Un Client / A Customer
  • Vassy as Un Arabe

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