Lists of Jews

Lists of Jews

By type

*List of Jewish historians
*List of Jewish scientists and philosophers
*List of Jewish nobility
*List of Jewish economists
*List of Jews in literature and journalism
*List of Jews in the performing arts
**List of Jewish actors and actresses
**List of Jewish musicians
*List of Jews in politics
*List of Jews in religion
**List of rabbis
*List of Jews in the visual arts
*List of Jews in sports
*List of Asian Jews
*List of fictitious Jews
*List of Jewish feminists

By country

*List of Sephardi Jews
*List of Asian Jews
*List of South-East European Jews
*List of East European Jews
*List of West European Jews
*List of Jews from the Arab World
*List of Jews from Sub-Saharan Africa
*List of Oceanian Jews
*List of Galician Jews
*List of North European Jews

ee also

*List of converts to Judaism
*List of Ashkenazi Jews
*List of Sephardic Jews

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* [ Lists of prominent Jews in the Arts and Sciences]

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