Guy Chambers

Guy Chambers

Guy Chambers (born January 12, 1963 in London) is an English songwriter and record producer best known for his long partnership with Robbie Williams.


Chambers wrote, performed and recorded his first demos at London's Cockpit Theatre Arts and Music Workshop along with other songwriter/producers such as Richard Daniel Roman in the early 80's. It was during this time that he also formed his first band The Burmoe Brothers which included Marc Almond in its line up for one track "Skin".
After graduating from the London Guildhall School of Music where he studied composition, his teachers including George Benjamin, Chambers went on to tour as a musician with, among others, Julian Cope and The Waterboys before joining World Party in 1986 and co-writing with Karl Wallinger on "Bang!", the band's most successful album. He also appeared on the Mission's Carved in Sand, providing the arrangement and keyboards for the song 'Grapes of Wrath'. As a later musical director he would use much of the Mission's previous crew, among others guitar-tech Jez Webb.

In 1992 Chambers formed his own band ' The Lemon Trees ' and wrote, produced and performed with them until they disbanded in 1995. Though the band only released one album, a second one was completed but not released because the record company didn't like it. Following the end of The Lemon Trees, Chambers spent time writing successfully with Cathy Dennis, Bryan Adams and others until an opportune meeting with Robbie Williams in January 1997

Work with Robbie Williams

Chambers collaborated as songwriter producer & musical director on Robbie Williams' first four solo albums, which all reached number 1 in the United Kingdom and have globally sold over 40 million. Chambers co-wrote some of Williams' best known tracks, including "Rock DJ", "Feel", "Millennium", "Let Me Entertain You" and "Angels".

After recording for Williams' fifth solo album “Escapology” mid-2002, Chambers and Williams acrimoniously split amidst demands from Robbie Williams's management that Chambers stop writing for other artists. It was also alleged in Williams's book Feel that Chambers was demanding a ludicrously high Producer royalty hike, leading to the split. Chambers revealed in a 2005 interview that he and Williams were on speaking terms again and hinted at possible future collaborations. Chambers has claimed their songwriting partnership was 50.50, he wrote most of the music, while Williams' wrote the lyrics and some of the melodies. Williams subsequently started working with former Duran Duran member Stephen Duffy for his 2005 album “Intensive Care”. Chambers was not involved.

For his work with Williams, he won 3 BRITS, 3 Ivor Novello awards, a Q classic Songwriter award and an MMF best produced record award for “I’ve Been Expecting You”.

They re-united mid 2007 and are currently in LA together working on Robbie's upcoming album.Fact|date=August 2007

Recent developments

In recent years Chambers has written and produced material for a number of different artists, Texas, Will Young, Rachel Stevens, Andrea Bocelli as well as working on a number of different film projects such as "Bridget Jones's Diary", "Finding Nemo" and "Love Actually" soundtracks and a collaboration with Queen on their classic track "We Are the Champions" for the hit movie "A Knight's Tale".

He co-wrote and produced four songs for Kylie Minogue's 2000 album "Light Years", including the single "Kids" (a duet with Williams), "Loveboat", "I'm So High" and the camp classic "Your Disco Needs You".

Chambers and American songwriter Kara DioGuardi co-wrote "Shine" for Hilary Duff's self-titled album, which charted at #2 in the Billboard 200 chart and reached over 1 million in sales. Other US album collaborations include Ryan Cabrera's "Take It All Away", "2 Become 1" for Jewel's album "0304", and Diana Ross for whom Guy produced the track "Goin’ Back for Life and Love".

"Lemon Love", the debut album from Aslyn was produced by Chambers and Eric Valentine. 2004 saw the release of Brian McFadden's debut solo album “Irish Son” which Chambers heavily contributed to. First single “Real to Me” went straight in at #1 in the UK.

Other album releases that year included Natasha Bedingfield's debut album "Unwritten", Delta Goodrem's second album "Mistaken Identity" and Beverley Knight's "Affirmation". Chambers and Beverley wrote 4 tracks for the album including the single "Come as You Are". Beverley also performed her own accapella version of the Robbie Williams track "Angels" at 2005's Live 8 at Murrayfield, Edinburgh where Chambers was Musical Director.

"Tears And Rain" was written by James Blunt and Chambers and features on Blunt's debut album "Back to Bedlam"", one of 2005's most successful albums which to date has sold over a million copies.

"The Isis Project", a French language album written with lyricist Keren Ann and vocalist Sophie Hunter is Chambers's own personal project, written as an 18th birthday present for his daughter Isis while she was four at the time. The track "L’onde Amere" also features on Keren Ann's latest album "Nolita", released by Sleeper Music in 2005.

Charlotte Church's debut album "Tissues and Issues" features 3 co-written tracks: "Confessional Song", "Let's Be Alone" and "Casualty Of Love". Chambers collaborated with Jamie Cullum's for album "Catching Tales" on two tracks, "London Skies" and "Oh God".

Guy Chambers collaborated with Enrique Iglesias to write the ballad "First Day Of My Life". It was translated into Italian and recorded by Andrea Bocelli as the lead single from his first pop album. The English version of the song was recorded by Melanie C and became a smash #1 hit throughout Europe. Chambers collaborated with Iglesias for many other songs but none have yet been recorded.

Chambers worked in LA with legendary band INXS for the first studio album after the death of Michael Hutchence ‘SWITCH’, released on 29 December 2005.

He also worked with Tina Turner. There may be an album of new material in 2008.

Recently, Chambers worked with Darren Hayes to co-write "Who Would Have Thought?", a track that will be released on Hayes' forthcoming album "This Delicate Thing We've Made", released on 23 August 2007. This song was released on Darren Hayes's Myspace, prior to the album release on 9 April 2007 along with an associated animation clip for the song.'

Chambers worked with the soul singer Kelis for a new album due out 2008

Most recent coöperation is with Eros Ramazzotti [] on his latest greatest hits album which includes 4 new songs. The song 'Ci parliamo da grandi' is written by Eros and Guy. The album "e2: energy" released on 31-10-2007 under the Sony-BMG label

Chambers and Cathy Dennis have been writing for a new solo record due out 2008

Chambers collaborated with Cathy Dennis on Kylie's new album 2 Hearts, which includes the track 'Sensitized'

Robbie Williams was included on the Radio 1 40 years album, with a cover of The Kinks 'Lola', produced by Chambers

Guy has been working with Island Def Jam artist Kerli, Mercury US signing Jessie James, and the American singer/ songwriter Anastacia.

The Lemon Trees discography


* "Open Book" (Oxygen Records/MCA - 1993)

Singles include:

* Love Is In Your Eyes (Oxygen Records/MCA - 1992)
* The Way I Feel (Oxygen Records/MCA - 1992)
* Let It Loose (Oxygen Records/MCA - 1993)
* Child Of Love (Oxygen Records/MCA - 1993)
* I Can't Face The World (Oxygen Records/MCA - 1993)

Writer's discography

* 30 Gold / Platinum certified albums
* 19 Top 10 singles
* 6 No.1 singles
* 12 No. 1 albums


Tracks featured on the following albums:

* Kelis's "Untitled 5th Studio Album (2009)* Anastacia Heavy Rotation 2008
* Monrose "I Am (2008)
* Kerli Love is Dead 2008
* M. Pokora's MP3 (2008)
* Kylie Minogue's "X" (2007)
* Eros Ramazzotti's "e2" (2007)
* Robbie Williams "Lola" on Radio 1 Established 1967 (2007)
* Darren Hayes's "This Delicate Thing We've Made" (2007)
* Beverley Knight's "Music City Soul" (2007)
* Melanie C's "This Time" (2007)
* Ross Copperman's "Welcome to Reality" (2007)
* Axelle Red's "Jardin Secret" (2006)
* Stefy's "The Orange Album" (2006)
* Patrizio Buanne's "Forever Begins Tonight" (2006)
* Laura Michelle Kelly's "The Storm Inside" (2006)
* Erin Boheme's "What Love Is" (2006) #17 USA Billboard Jazz Charts
* Beverley Knight's "Voice" (2006)
* INXS's "Switch" (2005) #17 USA Billboard 200
* Melanie C's "Beautiful Intentions" (2005 re-release)
* The Isis Project (2005)
* Geri Halliwell's Passion (2005)
* Jamie Cullum's "Catching Tales" (2005)
* Keren Ann's "Nolita" (2005)
* Charlotte Church's "Tissues and Issues" (2005)
* James Blunt's "Back To Bedlam" (2005)
* Aslyn's "Lemon Love" (2005)
* Beverley Knight's "Affirmation" (2004)
* Brian McFadden's "Irish Son" (2004)
* Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" (2004)
* Delta Goodrem's "Mistaken Identity" (2004)
* Hilary Duff's "Hilary Duff" (2004)
* Andrea Bocelli's "Andrea" (2004)
* Kylie Minogue's "Ultimate Kylie" (2004)
* Jessica Simpson's "In This Skin" (2004)
* Speedway's "Save Yourself" (2004)
* Busted's "A Present for Everyone" (2003)
* Texas' "Careful What You Wish For" (2003)
* Melanie C's "Reason" (2003)
* Skin's "Fleshwounds" (2003)
* Jewel's "0304" (2003)
* Rachel Stevens' "funkydory" (2003)
* Nick Lachey's "SoulO" (2003)
* Will Young's "From Now On" (2002)
* BBMak's "Into Your Head" (2002)
* Diana Ross' "Love & Life" (2001)
* Kylie Minogue's "Light Years" (2000)
* Unamerican's "Unamerican" (2000)
* Tom Jones' "Reload" (1999)
* The Waterboys' "The Live Adventures of the Waterboys" (1999)
* World Party's "Egyptology" (1997) #3 UK, #83 US
* Cathy Dennis's "Am I the Kinda Girl?" (1996)
* World Party's "Bang!" (1993)
* World Party's "Goodbye Jumbo" (1990)

* Robbie Williams' "Greatest Hits" (2004) #1 UK, 5 x Platinum
* Robbie Williams' "Live At Knebworth" (2003) #1 UK, 2 x Platinum
* Robbie Williams' "Escapology" (2002) #1 UK, 6 x Platinum
* Robbie Williams' "Swing When You're Winning" (2001) #1 UK, 8 x Platinum
* Robbie Williams' "Sing When You're Winning" (2000) #1 UK, 8 x Platinum
* Robbie Williams' "I've Been Expecting You" (1998) #1 UK, 10 x Platinum
* Robbie Williams' "Life Thru A Lens" (1997) #1 UK, 8 x Platinum


* "Naïve by [Axelle Red (2007)
* "Romantique à mort by Axelle Red (2007)
* "Afterglow" by INXS (2006)
* "Pretty Vegas" by INXS (2005) #9 Australia
* "First Day Of My Life" by Melanie C (2005) #1 Germany, #1 Switzerland, #1 Spain, #1 Portugal, #2 Austria
* "Come As You Are" by Beverley Knight (2004) #9 UK
* "Real To Me" by Brian McFadden (2004) #1 UK, #1 Ireland, #1 Denmark, #1 Norway, #2 Sweden, #4 Finland, #54 Australia
* "Irish Son" by Brian McFadden (2004) #6 UK
* "Out Of The Blue" by Delta Goodrem (2004) #9 UK, #1 Australia
* "Together We Are One" by Delta Goodrem (2006) #2 Australia
* "Your Disco Needs You" by Kylie Minogue (2001)

Robbie Williams

* "Sexed Up" (2003)
* "Something Beautiful" (2003) #3 UK
* "Come Undone" (2003)
* "Feel" (2002) #4 UK
* "Something Stupid" (1998)
* "Eternity"/"The Road To Mandalay" (2001) #1 UK
* "Let Love Be Your Energy" (2001) #10 UK
* "Supreme" (2000) #4 UK
* "Kids" (2000) #2 UK
* "Rock DJ" (2000) #1 UK
* "She's The One"/"It's Only Us" (1998)
* "Strong" (1999) #4 UK
* "No Regrets" (1998) #4 UK
* "Millennium" (1998) #1 UK
* "Let Me Entertain You" (1998) #3 UK
* "Angels" (1997) #4 UK
* "South Of The Border" (1997) #13 UK
* "Lazy Days" (1997) #8 UK
* "Old Before I Die" (1997) #2 UK


* "Kinky Boots" (2005)
* "Fantastic Four" (2005) "Always Come Back To You" - Ryan Cabrera
* "Love Actually" (2003) "I'll See It Through" - Texas
* "Finding Nemo" (2003) "Beyond The Sea" Robbie Williams
* "Bridget Jone's Diary" (2001) "Have You Met Miss Jones?", "Not Of This Earth" - Robbie Williams
* "A Knight's Tale" (2001) "We Are the Champions" Robbie Williams
* "Bend It Like Beckham" (2002) "Dream The Dream" Shaznay Lewis
* "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" (1998) "Man Machine" Robbie Williams
* "Nobody Someday" (2002) "Nobody Someday" Robbie Williams
* "Mean Machine" (2001) "Let Me Entertain You" Robbie Williams


* 3 Ivor Novello Awards
* 3 BRIT Awards
* Q Classic Songwriter Award
* MMF Best Produced Record Award

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