Lenin Peace Prize

Lenin Peace Prize

The International Stalin Prize or the International Stalin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples (renamed _ru. Международная Ленинская премия «За укрепление мира между народами», the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples as a result of destalinization) was the Soviet Union's equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize. It was awarded by an international panel appointed by the Soviet government to notable individuals who the panel felt had "strengthened peace among peoples".

The International Stalin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples was created in 21 December 1949 by the ukaz of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in honor of Joseph Stalin's seventieth birthday, although it was actually after his seventy-first. Unlike the Nobel Prize, the Stalin Peace Prize was usually awarded to several people a year rather than to just one individual. The prize was mainly awarded to predominant Communists and supporters of the Soviet Union. Following Nikita Khrushchev's denunciation of Stalin at the Twentieth Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union held in 1956, on September 6 the prize was renamed the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples. All previous recipients were asked to return their Stalin Prize so it could be replaced by the renamed Lenin Prize. By a Decision of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of December 11 1989 the prize was renamed the International Lenin Peace Prize ( _ru. международная Ленинская премия мира) [cite web|title=ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ ПРЕЗИДИУМА ВС СССР ОТ 11.12.1989 N 905-1 О МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ ЛЕНИНСКОЙ ПРЕМИИ МИРА|date=2006-10-12|url=http://pravo.levonevsky.org/baza/soviet/sssr1118.htm|language=Russian] and ceased to be awarded two years later, in 1991.

The International Lenin Prize should not be confused with the International Peace Prize, awarded by the World Peace Council. There was also a Stalin Prize (later renamed the "USSR State Prize") created in 1941 which was awarded annually to leading Soviet writers, composers, artists and scientists.

List of recipients

1950 - 1955 (International Stalin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples)

*flagicon|France Frédéric Joliot-Curie (1950)"О присуждении международных Сталинских премий "За укрепление мира между народами" за 1950 год". Pravda. Apr 6, 1951 [http://old.russ.ru/ist_sovr/express/1951_14-pr.html] ]
*flagicon|People's Republic of China Soong Ching-ling (Madame Sun Yat-sen) (1950)
*flagicon|United Kingdom Hewlett Johnson (1950)
*flagicon|France Eugénie Cotton (1950)
*flagicon|United States|1912 Arthur Moulton (1950)
*flagicon|North Korea Pak Chong Ae (1950)
*flagicon|Mexico|1934 Heriberto Jara Corona (1950)
*flagicon|People's Republic of China Guo Moruo (1951)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1959|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|United Kingdom Monica Felton (1951)cite book|title=Great Soviet Encyclopedia.|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|edition=2nd ed.|pages=vol. 24, p. 366|year=1953|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Japan Oyama Ikuo (1951)
*flagicon|Italy Pietro Nenni (1951)
*flagicon|East Germany Anna Seghers (1951)
*flagicon|Brazil Jorge Amado (1951)
*flagicon|East Germany Johannes Becher (1952)
*flagicon|Brazil Eliza Branco (1952)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Ilya Ehrenburg (1952)
*flagicon|Canada|1921 Rev. James Gareth Endicott (1952)
*flagicon|France Yves Farge (1952)
*flagicon|India Saifuddin Kitchlew (1952)
*flagicon|United States|1912 Paul Robeson (1952)
*flagicon|Sweden Andrea Andreen (1953)
*flagicon|United Kingdom John Desmond Bernal (1953)
*flagicon|Belgium Isabelle Blume (1953)
*flagicon|United States|1912 Howard Fast (1953)
*flagicon|Italy Andrew Gaggiero (1953)
*flagicon|Poland Leon Kruczkowski (1953)
*flagicon|Chile Pablo Neruda (1953)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Nina Vasilevna Popova (1953)
*flagicon|India Sir Sahib-singh Sokhey (1953)
*flagicon|France Pierre Cot (1953)
*flagicon|France Alain Le Léap (1954)
*flagicon|Colombia Baldomero Sanincano (1954)
*flagicon|Indonesia Prijono (1954)
*flagicon|East Germany Bertolt Brecht (1954)cite book|title=Great Soviet Encyclopedia.|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|edition=3rd ed.|location=Moscow|language=Russian In some cases in GSE's 3rd edition the year is that, "in which" the Prize was awarded, in other cases - "for which". Hence, the year "1970" there seems to be the Prize "for 1969" or "for 1968-1969" ]
*flagicon|Switzerland André Bonnard (1954)
*flagicon|Burma|1948 Thakin Kodaw Hmaing (1954)
*flagicon|Finland Felix Iversen (1954)
*flagicon|Cuba Nicolás Guillén (1954)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1989|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|United Kingdom Denis Nowell Pritt (1954)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1958|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Mexico|1934 Lázaro Cárdenas (1955)"О присуждении международных Сталинских премий "За укрепление мира между народами" за 1955 год". Pravda. Dec 21, 1955, page 1 [http://www.oldgazette.ru/pravda/21121955/text1.html] ]
*flagicon|Syria|1932 Mohammed Al-Ashmar (1955)
*flagicon|West Germany Karl Joseph Wirth (1955)
*flagicon|North Vietnam Tôn Đức Thắng (1955)
*flagicon|Japan Akiko Seki (1955)
*flagicon|Norway Ragnar Forbeck (1955)

ince 1957 (International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples)

*flagicon|France Louis Aragon (1957)
*flagicon|France Emmanuel d'Astier (1957)
*flagicon|Austria Heinrich Brandweiner (b. 1910) (1957)
*flagicon|Italy Danilo Dolci (b. 1924) (1957)
*flagicon|Argentina Maria Rosa Oliver (b. 1898) (1957)
*flagicon|India Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (1957)
*flagicon|Ceylon Udakandawala Saranankara Thero (b. 1902) (1957)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Nikolay Semenovich Tikhonov (1957)
*flagicon|Czechoslovakia Josef Lukl Hromádka (1958)
*flagicon|Sweden Artur Lundkvist (1958)
*flagicon|France Louis Saillant (1958)
*flagicon|Japan Kaoru Yasui (1958)
*flagicon|East Germany Arnold Zweig (1958)
*flagicon|East Germany Otto Buchwitz (1959)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1960|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|United States|1912 W.E.B. DuBois (1959)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev (1959)
*flagicon|United Kingdom Ivor Montagu (1959)
*flagicon|Greece|old Kostas Varnalis (1959)


*flagicon|France Laurent Casanova (1960)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1961|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|United States Cyrus Eaton (1960)
*flagicon|Indonesia Sukarno (1960)
*flagicon|Cuba Fidel Castro (1961)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1962|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Poland Ostap Dlussky (b. 1892 in Buczacz) (1961)
*flagicon|Australia William Morrow (b. 1888) (1961)
*flagicon|India Rameshvari Neru (b. 1886) (1961)
*flagicon|Romania|1952 Mihail Sadoveanu (1961)
*flagicon|Lebanon Antoine Tabet (1961)
*flagicon|Guinea Ahmed Sékou Touré (1961)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Konstantin Simun (1962)
*flagicon|Hungary István Dobi (1962)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1963|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Chile Olga Poblete de Espinosa (1962)
*flagicon|Pakistan Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1962)
*flagicon|Ghana Kwame Nkrumah (1962)
*flagicon|Spain|1931 Pablo Picasso (1962)
*flagicon|Bulgaria|1946 Georgi Traikov (1962)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1965|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Greece|old Manolis Glezos (1962)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1964|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Mali Modibo Keita (1963)"Modibo Keita." "Encyclopedia of World Biography", 2nd ed. 17 Vols. Gale Research, 1998.]
*flagicon|Brazil Oscar Niemeyer (1963)
*flagicon|Spain|1931 Dolores Ibárruri (1964)
*flagicon|Spain|1931 Rafael Alberti (1964)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1966|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|India Aruna Asaf Ali (1964)
*flagicon|Japan Kaoru Ota (1964)
*flagicon|Guatemala Miguel Ángel Asturias (1965)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1967|pages=p. 623|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Finland Mirjam Vire-Tuominen (1965)
*flagicon|Nigeria Peter Ayodele Curtis Joseph (1965)
*flagicon|Italy Giacomo Manzù (1965)
*flagicon|Mongolia|1949 Jamtsarangiyn Sambuu (1965)
*flagicon|East Germany Herbert Warnke (1966)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1968|pages=p. 622|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|United States Rockwell Kent (1966)
*flagicon|Czechoslovakia Ivan Málek (1966)
*flagicon|West Germany Martin Niemöller (1966)
*flagicon|Mexico|1934 David Alfaro Siqueiros (1966)
*flagicon|South Africa|1928 Bram Fischer (1966)
*flagicon|Netherlands Joris Ivens (1967)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1969|pages=p. 607|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|South Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dinh (1967)
*flagicon|Colombia Jorge Zalamea (1967)
*flagicon|India Romes Chandra (1967)
*flagicon|Hungary Endre Sík (1967)
*flagicon|France Jean Effel (1967)
*flagicon|Japan Akira Iwai (b. 1922) (1968-69)
*flagicon|Poland Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz (1968-69)
*flagicon|Egypt Khaled Mohieddin (1968-69)
*flagicon|United States Linus Pauling (1968-69)
*flagicon|Sudan Shafie Ahmed el Sheikh (b. 1924 - d. 1971) (1968-69)
*flagicon|Sweden Bertil Svahnstrom (b. 1907 - d. 1972) (1968-69)
*flagicon|Czechoslovakia Ludvík Svoboda (1968-69)


*flagicon|United Kingdom Eric Henry Stoneley Burhop (1970-71)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1972|pages=p. 618|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|East Germany Ernst Busch (1970-71)
*flagicon|Bulgaria|1971 Tsola Dragoycheva (1970-71)
*flagicon|Italy Renato Guttuso (1970-71)
*flagicon|Lebanon Kamal Jumblatt (1970-71)
*flagicon|Argentina Alfredo Varela (1970-71)
*flagicon|United Kingdom James Aldridge (1972)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1973|pages=p. 634|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Chile Salvador Allende (1972)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev (1972)
*flagicon|Uruguay Enrique Pastorino (1972)
*flagicon|Chile Luis Corvalán (1973-74)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1975|pages=p. 653|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Belgium Raymond Goor (1973-74)
*flagicon|Guinea Jeanne Martin-Cissé (1973-74)
*flagicon|Chile Hortensia Bussi de Allende (1975-76)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1977|pages=p. 633|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Hungary János Kádár (1975-76)
*flagicon|Ireland Seán MacBride (1975-76)
*flagicon|Mozambique Samora Machel (1975-76)
*flagicon|Angola Agostinho Neto (1975-76)
*flagicon|Greece|old Yannis Ritsos (1975-76)
*flagicon|West Germany Kurt Bachmann (1977-78)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1979|pages=p. 573|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Australia Freda Yetta Brown (1977-78)
*flagicon|United States Angela Davis (1977-78)
*flagicon|Cuba Vilma Espín Guillois (1977-78)
*flagicon|India Kumara Padma Sivasankara Menon (1977-78)
*flagicon|Poland Halina Skibniewska (1977-78)
*flagicon|France Hervé Bazin (1979)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1980|pages=p. 577|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Vietnam Le Duan (1979)
*flagicon|Finland Urho Kekkonen (1979)
*flagicon|Egypt Abd al-Rahman al-Sharqawi (1979)
*flagicon|Venezuela|1930 Miguel Otero Silva (1979)


*flagicon|Palestine Mahmoud Darwish (1980-82)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1983|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|Canada John Morgan (1980-82)
*flagicon|Uruguay Líber Seregni (1980-82)
*flagicon|Greece Mikis Theodorakis (1980-82)
*flagicon|India Indira Gandhi (1983-84) cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1985|pages=p. 571|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|France Jean-Marie Léger (1983-84)
*flagicon|Sweden Eva Palmer (1983-84)
*flagicon|Vietnam Nguyễn Hữu Thọ (1983-84)
*flagicon|Colombia Luis Vidales (1983-84)
*flagicon|West Germany Joseph Weber (1983-84)
*flagicon|Greece Charilaos Florakis (1983-84)
*flagicon|Nicaragua Miguel d'Escoto (1985-86)cite book|title=Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia|year=1987|pages=p. 599|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]
*flagicon|United Kingdom Dorothy Hodgkin (1985-86)
*flagicon|West Germany Herbert Mies (1985-86)
*flagicon|Tanzania Julius Nyerere (1985-86)
*flagicon|Bulgaria|1971 Petr Tanchev (1985-86)
*flagicon|United States Evan Litwack (1986-87)
*flagicon|Pakistan Abdul Sattar Edhi (1988)


*flagicon|South Africa|1928 Nelson Mandela1 (1990)cite book|title=The Great Encyclopedic Dictionary|year=1991|pages= vol. 1, p. 759|publisher=Sovetskaya Enciklopediya|location=Moscow|language=Russian]

1. Mandela was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize in 1990 but, due to his trial and imprisonment in South Africa, was unable to accept the prize until 2002.


ee also

*Atoms for Peace Award

External links

* [http://www.mltranslations.org/Miscellaneous/RobesonSPP.htm Thoughts on winning the Stalin Peace Prize] by Paul Robeson
* [http://www.trussel.com/hf/plots/t590.htm On Receiving the Stalin Peace Award] by Howard Fast
* [http://www.russianembassy.org.za/bilateral/text/bilateral%20281002.html Address by Nelson Mandela on receiving the Lenin Peace Prize]
* [http://www.russian-medals.net/sprmeds.htm Soviet Prize Medals] pictures of the medals and accompanying certificates
* [http://oldgazette.ru/pravda/21121949/index1.html PDF-version of issue of Pravda with ukaz about creation of prize.]

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