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Country Pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Gujrat District
Tehsil Kharian
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Dhama is a village and situated in municipal limits of Lalamusa since Municipal Committee Lalamusa was established during British rule.The old Dhama was located at the place where present day Railways station is situated .The "mehr" family gave the land on lease to the British Government and moved the village about 1 km south west of the station. In fact, present-day Lalamusa city is built on almost two-thirds of the land belongs to Dhama, or, in other words, 70 percent of Lalamusa consists of Dhama area. According to revenue records, the following areas of Lalamusa are situated at Dhama land: all Railways Colony including Railways station Haji Pura,Camping Ground, Sabri Mohalla, Karimpura till the house of Mirza Jamshaid Ali Shamis former Chairman MC Lalamusa main Bazaar till Bata shoes shop, Onward area of this city belongs to village Khawaspur.

Notable persons

Dhama was a important Zail(administrative division)during British regime and First Zaildar of was Chudary Shurffudin and after him his son Chudary Qutabuddin succeeded him, and his successor was Chudary Sher Ali; his son Ch Ghulam Hussain remains sufaid posh and Numberdar his son Ch Talib Hussain remains Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Lalamusa.

Chaudhry Muhammed Zaman Dhama was the Mayor of Lalamusa for almost 25 years. He was elected a Member of the Legislative Assembly in 1951, and was also a member of the District Board his son Ch Tahir Zaman Dhama LLB, LL M(UK) was Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee Lalamusa Ch Muhammad Zaman,s grandson Ch Jalaluddin Romi is a brilliant student studying in B COM HONORS at the university of Ottawa Canada .Dhama beside its political and social background is also famous for its spiritual importance Pir Syed Rasool Hussain Shah was Waliullah of his time and religious scholar and had many followers in the various part of the country, after him Pir Syed Walayat Hussain Shah(late) was prominent in spiritual aspect he had vast knowledge Fiqh, Quran and Hadiat he has many followers and his annual Uras take place in 10, April every year at Dhama. His Son Syed Hamid Asghar (late)was also a religious scholar and was master in elim e Jaffar presently his son Syed Masood Hussain Shah is his successor he is also a knowledgeable person on Islamic Sharia. Colonel EAS Bukhari (late) of Dhama, was a well known military journalist. Chaudhry Asif Dhama, politician, Chaudry Sohail Arshad (Director Excise and Taxation),Syed Saadat Hussain Shah famous educationist and his command on English language and literature is exemplary he later served in Saudi Arabia his son Syed Ali Imran is (Add Session Judge),Syed Aziz Hussain Shah was Railways officer during British regime his son Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah, is another renowned educationalist was former District Education Officer and his son Syed Ali Zeeshan is a Civil Judge,Master Bilal Ahmad senior teacher at Islami high school was one of the best Vally Ball player of the district, Ch Sajjad Ahmad Topa a famous banker his cousin Ch Muhammad Asghar(late) was SHO in police. Talib Hussain former Manager Habib Bank, 1965 war hero Squadron Leader Muhammad Shafi Dar (late),Group Captain Walayat Hussain,Chudary Javed Anwar is also a renowned banker employed in BCCI Bank Dubai,Ch Najaff Mujahid is a Naib Nazim of Union Council No 1 Lalamusa belong to Dhama.Syed Talat Hussain Shah a famous business personality remained Councillor of Dhama.Another well known personality of this village was Bhai Azeem(late) he was well known social personality of area and his Dera was always filled with various personalities including Syed Shafiq Hussain Shah,Ch Tahir Zaman Ch Mushtaq Ahmad,Syed Bashir Hussain Shah Moulvi Anyat Hussain Ch Talib Hussain and many others all type of social and political discussions took place another person Sufi Sultan was also Dere Dar his Bhaitak was always place of interest for guests especially Hunters known as Shekaris came from many places including Mian Muhammad Ashraf grandson of Mian Muhammad Buksh of Khari Sharif and member Lal Khan of Mararpur.Historic building in this village is Bungalow of Ch Sher Ali(late) Zialdar who on his time around 1910, built it with British style and this place was center of all political and social activities of his Zail including(Lalamusa and 80 villages headed by him)all renowned people of area including Government officials came to this place after him this place was inherited by his grandson Ch Talib Husain(late)who was number dar as well as political figure he was also a famous Shekari(using Greyhounds for hunting) notable Shekaris from all over the district Gujrat and from other place visited here such peoples were present in his Shekari team as Mirza Jamshaid Ali Shamas former Chairman MC Lalamusa,Mian Ashraf of Khari,Mian Aslam Hayat(father of Mian Afzal Hayat former Chief Minister Punjab) of Kolian Shah Hussain,Mehr Shahdat from Jang,Rana Iftikhar SDO WAPDA Ch Sardar Khan from Chak no 3 and his son includining DIG Sajjad,Colonel Imtiaz etc.,after Ch Talib Death Shekari activities at Dhama has almost finished and this historic Bunglow is not in its original shape Ch Talib,s Son Asif Dhama Number Dar and former Tehsil Nazim inherited it now. kashmiri Bardari of Dhama is an other important segment of this village majority of them are well educated and humble in nature most of them were in Government services and business three real brothers Imam Din Dar(late),Fazal Ellahi Dar(late),Allah Ditta Dar(late) were officers in Pakistan Railways and their fourth brother Latif Dar(late) was prominent Businessman his son Munir Dar is doing businessman after his death,Muhammad Rafiq son of Lal Khan is also notable business person.One notable person of this place was Lala Saleem Khokar(late) he was very social and down to earth person and had business at Lalamusa city after him his son Munir Ahmad Muhammad Amin are doing business.many people from dhama live in Europe today.


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Coordinates: 32°41′40.35″N 73°57′2.64″E / 32.6945417°N 73.9507333°E / 32.6945417; 73.9507333

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