Lloyd Groff Copeman

Lloyd Groff Copeman

Lloyd Groff Copeman (28 December 1881 – 5 July 1956) [cite web|title=www.lloydcopeman.com: Biography|url=http://www.lloydcopeman.com/biography/CopemanStory.pdf] was a prolific and successful American inventor who was responsible for devising the first electric stove, an early form of the microwave oven and the flexible rubber ice cube tray, among other products. Mr. Copeman was raised by his Canadian parents on a farm in Farmer's Creek, Michigan which is located east of Flint. He studied engineering at the former Michigan Agricultural College, now Michigan State University.


Although he is not well-known today, Copeman developed many inventions and ideas that benefited many people. He has nearly seven hundred patents in his name. He once told his grandson that he could walk into any store and find one of his inventions.

His first successful patented inventions, in 1909, were as following: an electrothermostatic heat regulator for more effective control of stove and toaster heating elements, and a thermostat for high-tension power cables. [cite web|title=www.lloydcopeman.com: Biography|url=http://www.lloydcopeman.com/biography/CopemanStory.pdf]

Before this, while working for the Washington Electric Company in 1906, Copeman developed a design for an electric version of the gas stoves which had been available in Britain and the USA for several decades. Development of the idea took several years, but in 1912 the Copeman Electric Stove Company was formed in Flint to produce the Copeman Electric Stove (also marketed as the "fireless cooker"). Westinghouse Electric Corporation bought the company in 1917, moved production to Mansfield, Ohio, and continued to develop and improve the stove.

From 1913, another of Copeman's inventions, a toaster with automatic bread turner, was also produced by the Copeman Electric Stove Company. Electric toasters were a recent invention at that time - the first commercially successful version was patented in July 1909 - and the bread had to be turned manually once the first side had been toasted. During a shopping trip, Copeman's wife Hazel gave them the idea for a toaster which turned the bread without manual intervention, and in 1914 a patent for what Copeman called the Automatic Toaster was filed in Hazel's name. Five other toaster-related patents were granted to both Lloyd and Hazel during the same year. [cite web|title=Toaster History - Invention of the Toaster|url=http://www.ideafinder.com/history/inventions/toaster.htm] The invention of the pop-up toaster in 1926 made Copeman's innovations redundant, however.

A company called Copeman Laboratories Company had been established by 1918 in Flint to allow Copeman to dedicate his time to inventing, although he also spent a lot of time at his farm in Farmer's Creek, where he would lock himself in the basement - sometimes for up to a week, with his wife bringing him meals on a tray [cite web|title=Ronstadt Interview - Discussing her Inventor Grandfather|url=http://www.ronstadt-linda.com/artfam84.htm] - and develop new ideas and products. Examples of his work at this time, which met with varying success, included injecting chickens with solutions to make their meat taste like beef; pioneering experiments in the development of latex; the Copeman Lubri-Cap, grease-filled paper cups for lubricating wheel bearings (the patent for this product was bought for $178,000 by the Alemite Company, which was active in that industry); Flexoline clothes lines, which are still manufactured today; [cite web|title=www.lloydcopeman.com: Biography|url=http://www.lloydcopeman.com/biography/CopemanStory.pdf] [cite web|title=GoingInStyle Travel Accessories: Flexoline|url=http://www.goinginstyle.com/gis/body_individual.asp?dept_id=27&pf_id=512] ; a device to use dry ice to cool bottles of beer; self-extinguishing cigarettes; and a rust-reducing latex coating for motor vehicles.

Copeman's most successful and remunerative invention, however, was the rubber ice cube tray. One day in 1928, while walking through some woods collecting sap for maple syrup, he noticed that slush and ice flaked off his rubber boots easily, rather than adhering to them. Having recalled this incident over lunch with his patent attorney, he conducted experiments using rubber cups, and later set about designing and then patenting different types of tray: a metal tray with rubber separators, a metal tray with individual rubber cups, and a tray made completely of rubber. [cite web|title=www.lloydcopeman.com: Biography|url=http://www.lloydcopeman.com/biography/CopemanStory.pdf] Sales from this invention earned Copeman approximately $500,000, equivalent to $10 million today.

Personal life

He married Hazel in 1904 and they had three children: Lloyd Berger Copeman (1907-1968), Ruth Mary Copeman Ronstadt (1914-1982), and Elizabeth Jane Copeman Gerlach (1918-1998).

His granddaughter Linda Ronstadt is a multi-Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum selling singer. Her mother was Ruth Mary Copeman Ronstadt, Lloyd's daughter.




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