List of Bokurano characters

List of Bokurano characters

This article depicts the characters from the manga series "Bokurano", including those exclusive to the anime and the light novel based from it.

Main characters

Kokopelli (Garaku)

* Grade: 7th
* Height:155cm
* Blood Type: B
* Chapters: 4-5
* Pilot Order: Second (Manga & Anime)

Waku was an energetic and confident young boy who acted like a stereotypical shōnen main character. He was previously a talented soccer player and is considered popular. He wanted to become a professional player and his friends thought he had the talent for it. However, he found out that his salary-man father was a soccer player just like him in his youth and even played at the national level. The fact that someone just like him didn't make it shook Waku's resolve and he stopped playing soccer. If he had not quit the team he wouldn't have been at the summer class and become a pilot. He was chosen to become the first pilot of the children. After the battle with Bayonet, they celebrated on Zearth's shoulder. When Ushiro patted Waku on the back he fell off the side into the ocean. They thought that Ushiro accidentally pushed him but he actually died a moment before when his time as a pilot ended. His chair was a simple plastic folding chair. In the manga the number of casualties is unspecified, but in the anime there are 2,343 casualties.

Waku is featured as a character in "Bokurano Alternative".

Masaru Kodama

* AKA: :
* AKA: :
* AKA: :
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A weird creature who calls itself "Dung Beetle" and becomes the children's tutor after Kokopelli's disappearance. It is able to communicate verbally, and is usually very sarcastic. It responds to the children's call, including Jun even though he secretly hadn't entered the contract. It is able to teleport the children, as well as others from the outside world to the cockpit, and vice-versa. However, it cannot teleport directly between two places, and must go through the cockpit beforehand. Between battles, it can be seen conversing with an unknown entity; it can be assumed both in the anime and manga (as of chapter 48) that this is his younger sister Machi.

In the anime, is revealed that Coemushi was actually a human from another Earth who also participated in a series of battles to protect it. He tried to amuse their guide in order to become the successor, thus being able to survive, but in the end, another child was chosen. He then begged for a chance to survive and the guide decided to accept his request, by transforming him into his replacement.

In the manga, Coemushi's attitude towards the children is mostly sarcastic, sometimes sadistic; in the anime he ends up being much more cruel, especially when he tries to convince Jun to let Kana sign the contract. When Jun declines his request, he tries to make Kana sign the contract by force, and ends up being shot to death by Machi using the gun Jun gave to her.

Coemushi is also featured in "Bokurano Alternative". His appearance in this installment is not too different from the original, save the fact that he now sports a red bandana. His personality, however, is markedly more polite.

Other characters

Mr. Sasami


One of the SDF officers who was to supervise the children. He has a number of fingers severed after threatening Dung Beatle at gunpoint during their first encounter. Due to his injuries and Dung Beatle's enmity towards him he does not take a role as one of the children's caretakers. It is revealed in a later chapter that his fingers have been successfully reattached.

Shouji appears only in the manga with his role as the one who threatens Dung Beatle being taken by Masamitsu Seki in the anime.

Tamotsu Sakakibara


An anime-only character. A convicted Yakuza who recently left prison after carrying a 10 year sentence and works for Jun's grandfather. He was also friends with his father to the point of feeling himself responsible for his death in part. By Misumi's request, he assumed the task of aiding her to protect the children from harm. He also knows about Jun's connection with his employers, but hides the truth from him, despite sometimes accidentally calling him "bocchan" ("little boss").

Mayako Makishima

* AKA: Maya (マヤ)
* Grade: Unknown
* Height: 150cm
* Blood Type: A

Exclusive to the light novel "Bokurano Alternative". A mysterious girl wearing black clothes in gothic lolita style, and one of the new pilots.

Tsubasa Hiiragi

* Grade: 7th
* Height: 147cm
* Blood Type: AB

While in the anime and manga, Tsubasa's role is limited to her connection with Moji, in the light novel she is one of the pilots instead of him.

Kozue Kurasaka

* AKA: Kozue (コズエ)
* Grade: 7th
* Height: 145cm
* Blood Type: B

Another light novel-exclusive character. A handicapped girl in a wheelchair, and also a pilot.

Maria Ichinose

* AKA: Maria (マリア)
* Grade: 7th
* Height: 160cm
* Blood Type: O

Deeply tanned and tall for her age, she is another pilot exclusive to the light novel.

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