Losevo, Leningrad Oblast

Losevo, Leningrad Oblast

Losevo ( _fi. Kiviniemi; _ru. Лосево) is a rural settlement on Karelian Isthmus in Priozersky District, Leningrad Oblast, located at the junction of Vuoksi River and Lake Sukhodolskoye, and a station of the Saint Petersburg-Hiitola railroad. Before the Winter War and Continuation War it was a village of the Sakkola municipality of Finland known as Kiviniemi.

Originally waters of Suvanto (Lake Sukhodolskoye) quietly flowed into Vuoksi, but in 1818, as Taipaleenjoki (Burnaya River) had emerged and started draining Suvanto into Lake Ladoga, the level of the former decreased dramatically by 7 m and the waterway connecting it to Vuoksi dried out. In 1857 the channel was dug, but the stream reversed direction, revealed rapids and rendered navigation impossible. Since 1857 Lake Sukhodolskoye and Burnaya River have constituted the southern armlet of Vuoksi River, which has decreased the level of the original northern armlet by 4 m.

Before the construction of Saint Petersburg-Hiitola railroad, Kiviniemi was an important river port connected to Antrea, Käkisalmi and Taipale. In 1917 the railroad was constructed, and a railway bridge passed over the rapids.

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