A Pro-cathedral is a parish church that is temporarily serving as the cathedral or co-cathedral of a diocese.

In Ireland, the term is used to specifically refer to St Mary's Pro-Cathedral in Dublin, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland since the Reformation, when Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick's Cathedral became part of the Church of Ireland.

In Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, the parish church of Saint Peter's was the pro-cathedral for the Anglican southern Saskatchewan diocese until 1944. From 1944 to 1979, St. Paul's Cathedral (Regina) served as the pro-cathedral before it was elevated to cathedral status.

The church of St. Paul the Apostle in Savannah, Georgia is the pro-cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.

The Parish Church of St Helier in Jersey serves as the pro-cathedral for the Island.

The Cathedral of the Holy Name, Mumbai was previously the pro-cathedral of the Holy Name.

The St. Michael's Basilica is the pro-cathedral of the Diocese of Bathurst, previously having been the cathedral of the Diocese of Chatham, New Brunswick.

The Cathedral of the Holy Apostles, in Bristol, England, was previously the pro-cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Clifton.

St John's Pro-Cathedral served as the pro-cathedral in Perth, Western Australia.

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