Filipinos in Japan

Filipinos in Japan

Filipinos in Japan (Japanese: 在日フィリピン人) formed a population of 202,592 individuals at year-end 2007, making them Japan's fourth-largest foreign community, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Justice. [cite paper|publisher=Ministry of Justice|location=Japan|title=平成19年末現在における外国人登録者統計について (About the statistics of registered foreigners at 2007 year-end)|date=June 2008|url=|format=PDF] Their population reached as high as 245,518 in 1998, but fell to 144,871 individuals in 2000 before beginning to recover slightly when Japan cracked down on Human Trafficking. But what happened was counter productive. In 2006, Japanese Filipino marriages was the biggest of all international marriages in Japan. [cite paper|publisher=Japan Times|location=Japan|title=THIS FOREIGN LANDInevitably, newcomers play growing role|date=January 2008|url=] As of March 2008, the Filipino population of Japan is 221,817. [cite paper|publisher=Embassy of the Philippines|location=Philippines|title=No job openings for hotel workers in Israel|date=March 20082005|url=]

According to figures published by the Central Bank of the Philippines, overseas Filipino workers in Japan remitted more than US$1 billion between 1990 and 1999; one newspaper described the contributions of overseas workers as a "major source of life support for the Philippines' ailing economy." [cite news|url=|title=Japan-Philippines Relations|date=July 2007|accessdate=2007-09-05|publisher=Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan] [cite news|publisher=Philippines Today|date=2001-09-15|accessdate=2007-04-04|title=Why Filipinos in Japan Matter|last=Rodriguez|first=Ronald|url=] Though most Filipinos in Japan are short-term residents, the history of their community extends back further; during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, some Filipino students studied in Japanese universities. [cite book|title=From Bataan to Tokyo: Diary of a Filipino Student in Wartime Japan|publisher=University of Kansas|date=1979|last=de Asis|first=Leocadio]


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