Later Three Kingdoms

Later Three Kingdoms

Infobox Korean name
hangul=후삼국 시대
rr=Husamguk Si-dae
mr=Husamguk Si-dae

The Later Three Kingdoms of Korea (892 - 936) consisted of Silla, Hubaekje ("Later Baekje"), and Taebong (also known as Hugoguryeo, "Later Goguryeo"). The latter two were viewed as heirs to the earlier Three Kingdoms of Korea, which had been united by Silla. This period arose out of national unrest during the reign of Queen Jinseong of Silla.

Taebong, originally led by Gung Ye, was taken over by Wang Geon, a descendant of a merchant family of Songdo, who defeated Hubaekje and received the surrender of Silla. Wang Geon proclaimed the kingdom of Goryeo in 936, officially putting an end to the Later Three Kingdoms period.

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