Preservation may mean:

* Cultural Heritage Preservation, which includes:
**Preservation (library and archival science), maintenance of artifacts and the intellectual record
**Art conservation, the retention of cultural heritage for the future.
**Digital preservation, the management of digital information over time
**Film preservation, rescuing aging film stock and preserving recorded image
**Phonograph record preservation and restoration of vintage audio recordings
**Historic preservation, maintenance of the historic built environment
*Case preservation, in computer storage
*Environmental preservation, the active maintenance and advocacy of the protection of the natural environment
*Preservative, chemicals for the preservation of food, timber, and other materials
*Food preservation
*Self preservation, part of an animal's fundamental instinct which demands that the organism survive
*, albums by The Kinks
*Preservation Island, Tasmania, Australia
*Preservation Islets, Tasmania, Australia

ee also

*Archival science
*Conservation movement
*Preservation Hall

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