Banat (disambiguation)

Banat (disambiguation)

:"Also see: Banate and Banovina."

Banat may refer to:

In geography

* Banat, a geographical and historical region of South-Eastern Europe.
* Banat, India, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India.

In history

* Banat of Severin, a border province seldom disputed by the king of Hungary and voivode of Wallachia.
* Banat of Temeswar, a Habsburg province that existed between 1718 and 1778.
* Banat Republic, a short-lived state, proclaimed in Timişoara, on October 31, 1918.
* Banat (1941–1944), an autonomous region within German-occupied Nedić's Serbia between 1941 and 1944.
* any territory ruled by a ban.

In sport

* FK Banat Zrenjanin, a Serbian football club from Zrenjanin that plays in the Serbian Premier League.

ee also

* Voivodship of Serbia and Tamiš Banat, a voivodship (duchy) of the Austrian Empire that existed between 1849 and 1860.
* Banat, Bačka and Baranja, a de facto existing province of the Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes between October 1918 and March 1919.
* Banat Krajina, a section of the Habsburg Monarchy's Military Frontier located in the Banat region.
* Banat uprising 1594, a Serb uprising in Banat in 1594 against Ottoman authorities.
* North Banat District, a district in Serbia.
* Central Banat District, a district in Serbia.
* South Banat District, a district in Serbia.
* Eparchy of Banat, an ecclesiastical territory or eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Banat region, Serbia.
* Banat-i Hill, a hill located in Bool, Tagbilaran City, Philippines.
* Phoenix Banat Storm, an American soccer team, founded in 2006.
* Abu el Banat, an episode 97 of The West Wing.
* Ghazal Al Banat, a (1949) Egyptian Film.
* Banatić ("Little Banat" in Serbian), a quarter of the city of Novi Sad, Serbia.
* Demographic history of Serbian Banat
* Banat Bulgarians
* Banat Swabians

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