Anatolian High School

Anatolian High School

"Anatolian High School" is a specific term used in Turkey to indicate public or state high schools that admit their students based on the Nationwide High School Entrance score. Anatolian high schools were established as alternatives to expensive private schools teaching in foreign languages. Some of the Anatolian high schools are newly established while other prestigious public schools were added to this category later, such as Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi, Galatasaray Lisesi and İstanbul Lisesi . Currently, many of the Anatolian high schools' teaching language is either English, German, French or Chinese. Other regular high schools in Turkey teach in Turkish; foreign languages are only taught as elective courses.


[ General Information About Turkish Educational System Including Anatolian High Schools (In English)]

[ Law About Anatolian High Schools (In Turkish)]

Not all Anatolian High Schools don't teach in English all years now.

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