Jensen (surname)

Jensen (surname)

Jensen is a Danish and Norwegian originally patronymic surname, literally meaning "son of Jens". Today however it is used as a generic surname for both men and women. The prefix Jens- is the most common Danish version of the biblical Ioanne ( _en. John). Jensen is the most common surname in Denmark where it is shared by about 5% (288,050 people as of 1 January 2007) of the population. Since 1 January 2001 the number of people in Denmark with the surname Jensen has been reduced from 312,396 as people has changed to more unique surnames. It should be mentioned, that people called for example Uffe Ellemann-Jensen or Jens Martin Jensen Vestergaard are not counted as people having the surname Jensen by Statistics Denmark [. [] Statistics Denmark] .

Jensen is also very common in Norway, where it is the ninth most common surname, but nevertheless shared by about 0.5% of the population (plus 0.1% spelled Jenssen) [ [] Statistics Norway] . The name is also in use in the Faroe Islands. The frequent occurrences of Jensen as a given name outside Scandinavia, mainly Germany, Great Britain, Canada, the U.S.A. and southeast Asia [ [ University of Copenhagen - Name Research Section] ] , is due to immigration from the Nordic Countries. Immigrants to English-speaking countries often spelled it Jenson.


It may refer to many people:


* Al Jensen
* Anders Thomas Jensen
* Anne Elisabet Jensen
* Arthur Jensen
* Ashley Jensen
* Axel Jensen


* Bernard Jensen
* Betty Lou Jensen
* Bhumi Jensen
* Bjørg Eva Jensen
* Brian Jensen
* Benjamin Jensen


* Captain C. W. Jensen
* Carsten Jensen
* Christian Jensen
* Christoffer Jensen
* Claus Jensen


* Daniel Jensen
* Darren Jensen
* David Jensen
* David A. Jensen
* Debra Jensen
* Dennis Jensen
* Derrick Jensen
* Ditte Jensen
* Dorte Juul Jensen
* Dwight Jensen


* Elaine Jensen
* Eric Jensen
* Erik Flensted-Jensen
* Eulalie Jensen


* Frank Jensen


* Georg Jensen


* J. Hans D. Jensen
* Hayley Jensen
* Henning Munk Jensen
* Henrik Wann Jensen


* Ingrid Jensen


* Jackie Jensen
* Jacob Jensen
* James A. Jensen
* Jane Jensen
* Jane Jensen (musician)
* Jelena Jensen
* Jens Jensen
* Jens Jensen (landscape architect)
* Jens Fink-Jensen
* Jim Jensen
* Jim Jensen (Nebraska)
* Johan Jensen
* Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
* John Jensen
* Jørgen Jensen
* Jørgen Christian Jensen
* Judy Jensen
* Jensen Ackles


* Larsen Jensen
* Leland Jensen
* Leslie Jensen
* Luke Jensen


* Marcus Jensen
* Maren Jensen
* Marie Louise Jensen (author}
* Michael Jensen (economist)
* Mikkel Jensen
* Murphy Jensen


* Niclas Jensen
* Nils Riddervold Jensen


* Otto Jensen


* Patrik Jensen
* Peter Jensen
* Peter Jensen (psychologist)
* Peter Ladd Jensen
* Peter Skov-Jensen
* Phillip Jensen
* Ploypailin Mahidol Jensen


* Rasmus Jensen
* Roald Jensen
* Rod Jensen
* Ronald Jensen
* Robert Jensen

* Sirikitiya Jensen
* Siv Jensen
* Sririta Jensen
* Steve Jensen, ice hockey player


* Thit Jensen
* Thomas Jensen
* Tim Jensen
* Todd Jensen
* Smith Jensen


* Uffe Ellemann-Jensen


* Viggo Jensen
* Viktor Jensen


* Wilhelm Jensen


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