Smiley (disambiguation)

Smiley (disambiguation)

A smiley or smiley face is a sketchy representation of a smiling face, usually yellow. "Smiling" emoticons are also sometimes called smileys.

Smiley may also refer to:


In the United States

* Smiley Township, Minnesota
* Smiley, Texas

In Canada

* Smiley, Saskatchewan


With the surname

*Brett Smiley, American singer
*Edward Forbes Smiley, III, (born 1956), American map thief
*Gordon Smiley (1946-1982), American race car driver
*Jane Smiley (born 1949), American author
*John Smiley (born 1965), American baseball left-handed pitcher 1980's and 90's, most notably with the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates
*Norman Smiley professional wrestler for World Championship Wrestling (1998-2001)
*Red Smiley (1925-1972), American singer in "Reno and Smiley"
*Tavis Smiley (born 1964), American journalist
*Christian Smiley (born 1996), Amateur skate boarder, son of David Smiley and cousin Tavis Smiley's
*David Smiley (born 1964), CEO of Los Angeles based entertainment company since 1989, created clothing line Team Sports in 1994, has one son Christian Smiley

With the nickname

* Pseudonym of Kyle Ward, contributor to the "In The Groove" dance music game series
* Nickname for producer Warryn Campbell
* Leilene Ondrade from Flavor of Love and Charm School
* Miley Cyrus

Popular culture

In film and television

* "Smiley" (film), a 1956 Australian film
* "Smiley Face" (film), a 2007 American film
* Guy Smiley, "Sesame Street" character
* Nickname of an alternate universe Miles O'Brien in ""

In music

* "Smiley Faces", a song by Gnarls Barkley
* "Smiley Smile", a 1967 album by The Beach Boys
* "Mr. Smiley", a song by Poison from "Crack a Smile"
* "Smiley", a song on The Smashing Pumpkins' "Peel Sessions" EP
* "Mr. Smiley", a song by Mustard Plug on "Big Daddy Multitude"

In fiction

* George Smiley, spy in John le Carré's novels
* Jim Smiley, gambler in the Mark Twain story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"
* Smiley, fictional character in Sherlock Hound


* 1613 Smiley, an asteroid; see List of asteroids/1601–1700
* Smiley Xtra, an extension for Mozilla Firefox
* a common name for an upper lip frenulum piercing

ee also

* Smilie
* Miley

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