Fulk II, Count of Anjou

Fulk II, Count of Anjou

Fulk II of Anjou (died November 11, 958), son of Fulk the Red, was count of Anjou from 941 to 958. He was often at war with the Bretons. He seems to have been a man of culture, a poet and an artist. In 958 he was succeeded by his son Geoffrey Greymantle.

Fulk II died at Tours. By his spouse, Gerberge of Maine, he had several children:

*Adelais of Anjou, married five times
*Geoffrey I, Count of Anjou, married Adelaide of Vermandois
*Bouchard IV, Count of Vendome, married Elizabeth of Vendome; their daughter, Elizabeth married her cousin, Geoffrey I's son, Fulk the Black, only to be burnt at the stake by her husband in her wedding dress.

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