Artistička radna akcija

Artistička radna akcija

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"Artistička radna akcija" (meaning: "Artistic Work Action", also known under the acronym: "ARA") is a punk and new wave compilation album released in late 1981 by Jugoton in SFR Yugoslavia.

It presents a snapshot of the early 1980s Belgrade underground music scene through bands like Radnička kontrola, Bezobrazno Zeleno, Profili Profili, Defektno Efektni, Urbana gerila, Petar i Zli Vuci, U Škripcu, Pasta ZZ, Via Talas and TV Moroni, all of whom took part in the compilation as means of showcasing their material to a wider audience.

The album didn't do much commercially, and was furthermore met with fairly indifferent reviews at the time of its release. [] Many feel that its general lack of prominence and appreciation came as a result of the popularity achieved by similarly conceptualized "Paket aranžman" compilation that was released one year earlier by the same label. Even the very idea of combining demo materials of different punk and new wave bands into a single compilation was met with a lot of opposition from punk purists who felt that two genres shouldn't mix. []

However, in the years since, "Artistička radna akcija" has managed to gain some slightly wider recognition as a referential work that endeared itself to many.

Unlike "Paket aranžman", which featured three young acts that almost immediately became critically acclaimed, even commercially successful, each one of the ten bands on "Artistička radna akcija" (with the exception of U škripcu) remained largely obscure. Still, some of their respective members later did rise to prominence either individually or as part of other bands, or even in other professions altogether. They include:
*Cane, the vocalist of Radnička kontrola, who later became a frontman of the eminent rock group Partibrejkers.
*Srđan Todorović also from Radnička kontrola later played drums for Disciplina kičme and later Ekatarina Velika, and still later became an eminent movie actor.
*Bojan Pečar of Via Talas also joined Ekatarina Velika as a bass guitar player.
*Nenad "Kele" Krasavac of Urbana gerila, later a founding member of Disciplina kičme.
*Branislav "Kebra" Babić, the vocalist of Urbana gerila, later a frontman of Obojeni program.
*Slobodan "Loka" Nešović, guitarist for Defektno efektni, later a member of Berliner Strasse, and still later a founder and operator of Automatik Records.
*Vladimir Arsenijević of Urbana gerila, later a member of Berliner Strasse, and still later a NIN Prize winning writer.
*Aleksandar Djukic of TV Moroni later guitarist and frontman of "Nesalomivi"

Along with "Novi Punk Val" and "Paket aranžman", "Artistička radna akcija" is considered an important symbol of the Yugoslav New Wave era and the former Yugoslav Punk scene. The record which is a rarity and collectors item today still has a cult status in the countries that emerged after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Track listing

01. Radnička kontrola - Dosada
02. Radnička kontrola - TV u koloru
03. Bezobrazno Zeleno - Beograd
04. Bezobrazno Zeleno - Bežim niz ulicu
05. Profili profili - Majke ih guraju u metalnim kolicima
06. Profili profili - Nemir živaca
07. Defektno efektni - A
08. Defektno efektni - D
09. Urbana gerila - Proces
10. Urbana gerila - Bez naslova
11. Petar i Zli Vuci - Ogledalo
12. Petar i Zli Vuci - Kozaci
13. U Škripcu - Pamflex dom
14. U Škripcu - Južno voće
15. Pasta ZZ - FG & Acreppy
16. Pasta ZZ - Drakula
17. VIA Talas - Hawaii (Najlepši kraj)
18. VIA Talas - Lilihip (My Boy Lollipop)
19. TV moroni - Moja borba
20. TV moroni - Pada noć


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